More Wing Commander Similarities Spotted Update ID

Wingnuts can't seem to get enough of the Squadron 42 cinematic trailer, and several dedicated fans have found even more connections to Wing Commander.

The first shot below draws a nice parallel between the Strakha strike on the Tiger's Claw during the Wing Commander 2 intro and the sneak attack on the Paul Steed. Thanks to No Remorse for grabbing the screenshot. Fortunately, at least one Bengal class carrier survived these encounters!

Death Angel noticed that this next image reveals the crewman who salutes us on the bridge is named Blair!

Jetlag got a very close-up zoom of the patch reveals that although they're extremely similar, "Terran Confederation" has been replaced with "United Empire of Earth." The bottom portion of the patch still says "Unified Space Command" underneath a Confed logo.

And finally, Wikingertux somehow managed to catch the exploding enemy ship right at the point where its pilot was being ejected. The "Vanduul" inside bears a striking resemblance to a Kilrathi, complete with Movie-style pilot armor!

Kudos to all the fans with an amazing eye to detail and for Chris Roberts for including all these neat clues in the trailer. What else is out there to find?!

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