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Jetlag has brought back his fantastic CCG resource back to life. You can find a nearly complete set of Wing Commander Customizable Card Game scans online at ccg.jetlag.us (the single missing card is "Tail Shot Off"). What's more, the scans are now available in high quality, high resolution versions! Check it out today - the CCG is one of the most overlooked Wing Commander games... but it's also one of the most in-depth additions to the Wing Commander universe. Check out today's second update for details on just how well this game ties together the whole of Wing Commander.

It's In the Cards

While it was released in the wake of Wing Commander III, the CCG isn't all 'Heart of the Tiger' references! Here's some exciting points you can use to dazzle your friends at dinner parties:

  • "Maniac Solution" (Terran Maneuver) comes from the Wing Commander I & II Ultimate Strategy Guide -- it's the chapter heading on page 119 and refers to Lt. Col. LaFong's plan to use Maniac to fly special solo missions.
  • "Mr. Kat" (Terran Luck) comes from Voices of War, the Wing Commander: Armada manual. Mr. Kat was a stuffed cat doll the young son of a TCS Lexington pilot sent him for good luck.
  • Three of the four Wing Commander I squadrons appear in the CCG! "Killer Bee Squadron" flies Hellcat Vs instead of Hornets, "Blue Devil Squadron" flies Arrow Vs instead of Scimitars... and "Black Lion Squadron" and is an elite unit flying Hellcat Vs instead of Rapiers or Rapier IIs (their motto, "Pride of the Vegan Sector", refers to the events of Wing Commander I). Star Slayer Squadron, the Raptor unit, does not appear.
  • The names of the Kilrathi capital ships are steeped in Wing Commander lore. "Destroyer Bordrav" is named after the Bordrav Feeding Colony from Voices of War, "Dreadnaught Vengeance of Vukar Tag" is named after the Imperial planet attacked in End Run and Cruiser Shalk'Kuz Mang continues a naming tradition from Wing Commander II (K'Tithrak Mang).
  • The "TCS Agincourt" (Terran Modifier) is named after the Waterloo-class Cruiser that assists the Concordia in Wing Commander II.
  • The Kilrathi "Transport" modifier may look out of place to you... it's the model used in the 3DO port of Wing Commander III. It later appears in a Wing Commander IV cutscene and was also present in the very first WC3 screenshots ever released by Origin.
  • The "Red Rangers" squadron is from Voices of War -- they're the squadron which issues a TrainSim challenge to the crew of the TCS Lexington. Here they fly Hellcat Vs.
  • "Too Much Vak'qu" (Terran Luck) is a reference to the Kilrathi alcohol introduced in Fleet Action. The Terran equivalent, "Too Much Fire Liquor" comes from Freedom Flight.
  • "Blooms of the Birha Tree" and "Crimson Birha Squadron" are references to Freedom Flight, which created the red-leaved Kilrathi tree native to Ghorah Khar.
  • The four Terran pilot awards cards are the same medals awarded to pilots in Wing Commander I. They are: "Bronze Star", "Silver Star", "Gold Star" and "Pewter Planet". There is no Golden Sun card.
  • The four Excalibur squadrons are patterned after the Arthurian callsigns used by Blair's Gold Squadron for the final attack on Kilrah in the Heart of the Tiger novelization - particularly "Lancelot Squadron", to the book's Lacelot Flight.
  • "Imperial Security" (Kilrathi Luck) comes from Freedom Flight. The organization functions as both the Empire's internal security and intelligence departments.
  • The CCG is one of the few Wing Commander spinoffs to remember that the Kilrathi deity Sivar is female, as introduced by Fleet Action! Many Kilrathi squadron cards make reference to 'the goddess'.
  • "Zu'kara" (Terran Luck) was first introduced in Fleet Action. It is the Kilrathi ritual suicide.
  • Six of the eight noble clans appear in the CCG. The clans were first introduced in Secret Missions 2: Crusade and their structure was established in Super Wing Commander and Fleet Action. The two which do not appear in the CCG are the nar Sutaghi and the nar Qarg. In addition to the six noble clans, the CCG uses the famous Hhallas name in creating "Kukubno nar Hhallas".

Are you familiar with another fun CCG reference? Let us know!

Wing Commander CIC - Visit the front page

Official news, fan projects and topics of particular interest to Wing Commander fans. Recent updates:

Homeworld Mod Testing Fighter Visibility Updates
2018-01-16 -- L.I.F.

Vega Super Star Back In Action
2018-01-15 -- DefianceIndustries is back from a well deserved holiday break with a slick new wallpaper image. It features a cool new Rapier model first teased last October. This is the variant featured in Super Wing Commander and Arena, so it's a bit more flat and round than DOS or GOG players might be familiar with.

Rapier Research Leads To New Sighting
2018-01-14 -- Lilja saw our post a while back about one of the Lightning fighters that became a Wing Commander Movie Rapier at Pinewood Studios and decided to do some digging of his own. Finding where they've all ended up over the years has been an interesting endeavor, and through some clever investigation, he managed to track down some new information on the afterlife of these exotics birds. Immediately after the film's debut in 1999, fans spotted one Rapier at a Planet Hollywood in Ohio, and then a couple showed up for auction/rental/sale in the early 2000s.

Lego Darket Built Out Of Digital Bricks
2018-01-13 -- Lego Digital Designers Club has posted a neat virtual Darket made with Lego brand activity bricks. The color could probably go a bit more brown, but otherwise it's a pretty good design. All of the crazy Star Wars Legos out there sure make me wish we got these for real!

Annual Awards Voting In Full Swing
2018-01-12 -- Our annual community voting is now in progress, and Wingnuts like you are helping choose the Wing Commander Fan Project of the Year for 2017! Here are the nominees one more time. It's hard to choose because there's so many great projects going on, but vote below and help pick the winner!

Star Wars Excitement Spills Over Into Wing Commander
2018-01-11 -- Mark Hamill's return to the Star Wars series and starring role in The Last Jedi has also sparked a wave of interest in his work between epic film projects. The gaming press has largely already done this thanks to Mr. Hamill's role in Star Citizen, but now it's spreading to a more mainstream audience.

Catch Up On Everything Wing Commander Amiga
2018-01-10 -- Shot97 has put together an absolutely massive review of Wing Commander for Amiga systems. He covers every inch from top to bottom. Shot goes over what the game meant to him and then proceeds to cover the backstory, the impact of the characters, the depth of the manual, the significance of the Kilrathi, and that's just getting started.

Casper Van Dien On Wing Commander 4, Starship Troopers & Much More
2018-01-09 -- GeekScape has posted a podcast episode with Starship Troopers star Casper Van Dien. The actor is well known for his sci-fi acting, but he's also a director with a diverse variety of projects under his belt. He also had a brief cameo in Wing Commander 4, which is mentioned in the show.

Privateer Model Exploration Continues
2018-01-08 -- A lot of people have done some pretty nifty things with the Privateer 3D model archive over the years, but it can still be a slightly daunting task to dig into if you're an artistic novice. This is where fans come into play, and Wingnuts have continued to help their fellow Wingnuts learn how to navigate these waters. bai recently got some assistance unpacking some of the texture files and finding out how to convert and read them.

WC1&2 Audio Sound Comparison Presented In Easy Playlist Form
2018-01-07 -- pcuser1541 has put together a number of videos that showcase the wide variety of audio setups supported by the original Wing Commander games. SoundBlaster was the most common card of the day, but the Roland MT-32 was highly sought after early on and new variants continued to be released through numerous ports over nearly half a dozen years. There are examples from the Microsoft GS, FM Towns, Amiga, Macintosh, Super Nintendo and Sega CD.

GPD Win Is Latest Handheld To Showcase Wing Commander Emulation
2018-01-06 -- Alien Gray has posted a nifty video of the GPD Win playing the 3DO version of Super Wing Commander. This device actually runs Windows 10, but it's using the Project Phoenix emulator to get the game running. This is just the latest in a fascinating string of modern handheld devices that have managed to get various WC games running.

IMDB Takes Video Games To The Movies
2018-01-05 -- The Internet Movie Database has posted a photo gallery collage to highlight the history of video games crossing over to movies. There are 96 examples highlighted (a significant fraction of which are Resident Evil films), which is surprising in itself. Even more so, Wing Commander is chronologically listed in the first fifteen movies, so the genre has really exploded in recent years.

Childhood Adventures Explored On YouTube
2018-01-04 -- Claude Blair has put together an interesting video that reviews a large pile of Wing Commander documentation. After some initial introduction, he spends more than a half hour lovingly detailing the material on every page of Claw Marks. Obviously most of you are quite familiar with what's in the WC1 manual, but it's always fun to hear the perspective of someone who's so excited about it.

Happy New Year From George Oldziey
2018-01-03 -- George Oldziey is back with a New Year's message and Wing Commander album status update. He's anxiously preparing for the Wing Commander bar music recording happening next month as well as planning out the next steps for the orchestral portions of the album. He's also dug up a vintage interview that was published in the January 1999 edition of Film Score Monthly.

Kick Off 2018 With Some Slick Sketches
2018-01-02 -- Arne from Android Arts is currently putting together some awesome Wing Commander sketches. He started with an Exeter and has drawn a contemporary flotilla around it. There's also a gun mockup and fighter concept art, plus a really cute 'Dralthi Commander' diskette.

Happy New Year!
2018-01-01 -- The confetti is starting to settle, and those of us who had time off for the holidays are getting ready to go back to work now. We're all inspired by the last two days' worth of 2017 recaps. When it's all summed up like that, it's really astounding, and these are just the condensed highlights.

A Look Back At 2017
2017-12-31 -- The year 2017 is on the way out as I write this, so it's time to review what a wonderful year it's been. We got a taste of the action in yesterday's Fan Project of the Year roundup. There were lots projects that released some great things for the community over the past twelve months, including many playable adventures and multiplayer games.

Annual Community Vote Begins!
2017-12-30 -- It's almost 2018, so that means it's time for our annual contest tradition! One tweak this year is that we're combining the Fan Project and Web Site of the Year categories into one. While there were some great Wing Commander updates on the web, we didn't get enough nominations to make that standalone grouping competitive.

TomVlog34 Travels East To West & Beyond
2017-12-29 -- Tom Wilson has posted a couple new chapters in his ongoing YouTube vlog series. The first clip starts out with some insight into his daily life. He briefly conducts an interview for a documentary on his time acting in Freaks & Geeks, and he touches on a subject that would be familiar to fans of his Wing Commander work: while he loved his time working on the series, he's nowhere as well versed in the subject material as the actual fans.

El Simulador de Combat Espacial en 3-D: "¡Lo que ves es lo que juegas!"
2017-12-28 -- Christian Klein, the Pixel Engineer, has added another rare version of Wing Commander 1 to his collection. This one has been localized for Spain by DROsoft. It has some pretty cool black and white play manuals as well as an unusual slip cover for the box.

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