Cyberion Shows Off His Starbase Update ID

Cyberion's latest model is a Kilrathi inspired starbase by Wing Commander 4.

Pretty easy model. Didn't take me too long to model, although it has some nice advantages. Originaly it was made to use high resolution textures. So every edge of the base, every corner, is smooth and round. If you take a closer look at the model you will see it. This helps to creat realism when the model has high detailed textures. I hope that one day someone will make them. ;-)
You can grab the files for yourself here.

Disgruntled EA Employees Seeking Case? Update ID

GameSpot is reporting that a number of Electronic Arts employees are pursuing a lawsuit to recover unpaid overtime expenses. The story originated in a live journal that has been making the popular internet rounds recently. GameSpot took it a step further and contacted a local law firm and they confirmed some of the basic information.
GameSpot contacted attorney Robert C. Schubert, a partner at the San Francisco law firm Schubert & Reed. He said that he has initiated legal proceedings to start a class-action lawsuit on behalf of a group of EA employees. "We are seeking unpaid overtime for a good number of [EA] employees who weren't [properly] paid," Schubert told GameSpot this afternoon. "EA contends they were exempt," Schubert said. "We contend otherwise."
You can find the full article here.

Void War Conducting Weekly Games Update ID

Unfortunately we missed the boat for this week, but Rampant Games has announced that weekly games of Void War are now being held. The events take place Thursday evening at 7:00 pm Pacific US time.
To play, simply click on the multiplayer button in the launcher, and click on the game appearing in the list with the word "Rampant" in the name (depending on whoever is hosting... it might not always be me). Double-click on that line, or select it and click on the "Connect Now" button. We'll be switching the game types around as needed.
Even players with the Demo version of the game can play! To grab Void War, check out their web site here.

Recent Updates

Homeworld Mod Deploys Black Lance

It's a big week for the Homeworld Remastered Mod! Their long-awaited Black Lance upgrade has now been released. Fans can grab it at either the Steam Workshop or ModDB, but users with a current copy will get the update automatically. (2018-03-21)

New WC Toolbox Expands WC2 Campaign Support

The WC Toolbox has gotten smarter with another new update. Version 4.2. (2018-03-20)

Kilrathi Fleet Gets Large Scale LLOD Upgrades

A couple of monster models have made their way into the Last Line of Defense project. Using some newly discovered information, Deathsnake has scaled up his fearsome Rigakh cruiser. Fairly credible stats imply it's even larger than the Confederation class dreadnought! (2018-03-19)

Black Lance Transport Certified For Covert Cargo

After leading the charge with a pair of exotic Black Lance designs earlier this year, DefianceIndustries has circled back around and completed the Evansville class transport that we see in Wing Commander 4. It has a fairly sleek profile for a transport as well as oversized engines, which form a pretty effective combo. There's no better way to sneak clandestine cargo to out-of-the-way places! (2018-03-18)

Happy St. Patrick's Day From The Green Salthi

Confederation hull plating is well known for its green texture, and terran soldiers even occasionally sport a green tinted outfit, but it's a far less common color on the Kilrathi (aside from the kats that actually have green skin). We know the common brown color of Kilrathi ships comes from the hue of their local durasteel, but there's one major exception to this: the green Salthi - or Jalthi, rather. The Secret Missions for the Super Nintendo had to squeeze to fit everything on the cartridge, and one noteworthy cut was the elimination of the six-shooter Jalthi model. (2018-03-17)

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