The Great Vampire-Off

Well... there's nothing normal about this:
A little change in color to a skin even makes an old vampire look new again.

Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident (WCWI) will include a new Special type Vampire Class A Fighter, and I am looking for some feedback on which of the following models the WC Community like the best. Take a look and submit you opinion to me [here]

The team at WCWI are still looking for a few good Modelers. We are looking for Set designers (Ever wanted to know what the inside of a Confederation R&D station looks like? So do we.) All sets are going to be used in CG scene only, poly count irrelevant; look, feel, and detail are the most important! Some sets that need to be created are, Wasteland Station Bridge and Hanger, Hades Class Bridge, Midway Class Bridge, and more

If you would like to help, submit [here]

/Matthew J Kruer, Project Leader/

Tiny Ships for Sale!

You asked for it... and asked for it again... and then you asked for it some more. And it's finally happened -- DRAsvitt has made a set of tiny ships and put them for sale on eBay! You can bid on them here -- but be warned, you'll have some competition! (Note to everybody else: we don't normally promote auctions -- so don't ask us to mention the copy of Wing Commander III your dog threw up on that you want to make a mint off of in the news...). Pictured below are the ships that are for sale (TCS Victory, TCS Midway, shuttle, Thunderbolt, Hellcat and Arrow) and one that isn't (Confed Space Station).

I'm Back!

I don't really know where I went, though. Here's all the news that was fit to print while I was away...

Abandonware Ship

Delance has found an article about abandonware at GameSpot that talks about (and for some reason includes a picture of the French edition of) Wing Commander. Here's the article... and here's the part about WC. At the risk of editorializing, the person who wrote the 'response' about Privateer is stupid and should die.

Better Than Nothing! But Not By Much!

There's some good news from the IMDb: Wing Commander isn't the worst war movie ever! It's the tenth worst war movie ever! That means there are nine movies that are way worse than it! Hurray! Here's their list:
  • 10 Wing Commander (1999)
  • 9 Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985)
  • 8 Bridge of Dragons (1999)
  • 7 Which Way to the Front? (1970)
  • 6 McHale's Navy (1997)
  • 5 Carry On England (1976)
  • 4 Best Defense (1984)
  • 3 Active Stealth (1999)
  • 2 Nightfall (2000)
  • 1 Night Train to Mundo Fine (1966)

B5 Ship of the Day: Vorlon Dreadnaught

KillerWave has posted the Vorlon Dreadnaught in Vision Engine format to the Babylon 5 Commander web site. Furthermore, thanks to him we now know where to find a picture of each now ship...

Holding the Line: Chapter 123

Here's Raptor to introduce Walking Wounded (heyyyy), the latest posted chapter of Holding the Line. You can read it here.
Hey all, Raptor here

HTL continues with a story called "Walking Wounded", written by Shaun "Iceman" Rashid. This story is set aboard the light carrier TCS Endeavour, one of the ships assigned to the Combined Fleet in Loki. As you saw in past chapters, the Border Worlders were drawing the attention of the Nephilim fleet while the rest of the human fleet moved into position for the kill. This series follows the Endeavour's crew as they try to eliminate their target. Please send any and all comments to Shaun at, not to me.

Best, Raptor

Many More Tiny Ships

Maker of tiny ships DRAsvitt is at it again (well, presumably he never stopped being 'at it', it just doesn't sound as good) with four more spacecraft to show off: an escort carrier (Tarawa-type), a Free Trader class transport, the Delta Flyer (Voyager) and a Minbari ship from the Babylon 5 finale. Neat, neat, neat and neat. His next WC project is the Confederation Star Base...

Privately Owned Strakha

I'm short for updates... so, you figure this out instead.

Happy Birthday Lancers

No, it's not Casey's birthday... nor are we celebrating the development of torpedos or black ops heavy fighters. The Lancers Reactor marks its second anniversary today! TLR is the world's premiere site for StarLancer & FreeLancer news and information... great job, guys!

Cheap Cheap

Chris reports that brick and mortar Suncoasts are selling the VHS Wing Commander movie for as low as a few dollars a piece! Go stock up on WC movies! They make great... hmm.

B5 Ship of the Day: Primus

No, not the system Senator More was from. Today's Vision Engine Babylon 5 Commander Ship of the Day is the Primus class Battlecruiser. Get it from their files section. Anybody out there want to take pictures of these things for us?

Citizens of the World, Help!

Are you a Wing Commander fan from a country other than the US, German or Japan? Then I could use your help! My Guide to Wing Commander Collectables is just about as complete as can be for those three countries... but I need more specific information on which games were released where (and in what format, in what language and so forth) around the rest of the world! Help me finish this project once and for all... by e-mailing!

UE Composes

Here's one that's sure to please ace "Hyphen" One -- the Unknown Enemy web site has been updated with a sample of their new theme music. How great is it? I have no idea, since I'm at work with no speakers! They've also set up a poll asking "How much longer are you willing to wait for UE?"

It's Carrying Fish

Another cool 'info sheet' from CamW, promoting his upcoming 3D-movie Raiders... this time, it's the C-9 Pelican class transport.

Explore Space in Style

Version 0.2.0 of Vegastrike has been released! Here's HellcatV's report on all its amazing new features...
  • Vegastrike 0.2.0 is complete! I have worked for months to make this release possible!
  • Windows users download it and run Setup then Mission Launcher.exe !
  • Note: Setup will save and exit if you hit view readme or close it with the X.
  • Linux users grab source, compile and run from data directory.
  • It features system exploration... over 100 star systems have been painstakingly modeled for the entire Sol and Vega sectors! Position yourself inside a blue clear ball and press the j key to instantly transport your self to neighboring star!
  • Also included are dense, deadly asteroid fields and exotic nebulae to explore and scout.
  • Switch ships with [ and respawn (with semicolon) have been integrated to this release in the last minute.
  • Additionally an installer and a mission selector by Reliant have been ported to Windows for use with windows people.
  • Many missions have been carefully created for your pleasure.
  • Please send comments to! We appreciate user feedback and respond carefully!

Tarawa Them A New One

Eder has completed work on a Vision-engine Tarawa style Escort Carrier model for the Wing Commander: Standoff project. What a cool model! If only somebody would to a really great 3D Hakaga...

Wasteland Incident Announcement

Here's an exciting project announcement from Matthew Kruer...
*Official Re-opening of Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident*

Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident (WCWI) is, a new and exciting MOD utilizing the Wing Commander Prophecy Secret Ops Engine. This new MOD will include 20 missions, a mission branch, 7 cut scenes and 3 endings, in 3 episodes. It will also feature new and modified ships, and what I hope will be a truly exciting plot.

We are currently looking for 3D modelers, Character Animators, CG Set Designers and Mission Programmers. For additional information head to and check out the sneak peek of the into.

/Matthew J Kruer, Project Leader/

Purple Excalibur

CamW has sent us some promo art for his upcoming Wing Commander fan-movie 'Raiders'. It's a neat-o high-res blueprint image of the F-103 Excalibur:

Babylon 5 Commander Ship of the Day: Omega

KillerWave is making available a Babylon 5 ship for Prophecy's Vision Engine each day for the next month or so at his Babylon 5 Commander project website. Today's ship is the Omega class Destroyer... You can find it in their files section.

Holding the Line: Chapter 122

And then here's Raptor to introduce our weekly chapter of Holding the Line. You can find Chapter 122 here.
Hey all, Raptor here

HTL continues with part seven of the Tiger Hunt series, called "Throwing The Dice", which follows the Border Worlds carriers as they continue drawing the attention of the Nephilim fleet. This chapter is set shortly after a "A Den of Death", but focuses on the Battlegroup Valkyrie's other carrier, the BWS Valeria. This story is written by yours truly, so please send any and all comments to me.

As I've said before with regards to Border Worlds technology, seeing as we didn't get to see anything of the Border Worlds military in WC:P or SO, we have no way of knowing for sure how good their tech is. The working theory I'm using is that they're at the same place relative to Confed that they were in WC4. Back then, they were mostly using WC2 tech like Rapiers and Sabres spearheaded by small number of craft that were equivalent to Confed's WC4 craft, like Banshees and Avengers. Now, they're using mainly WC3/WC4 grade craft, spearheaded by a small number of craft that are similar to Confed's WC:P craft, such as Retaliators and Stalkers.

Best, Raptor

Translator Wanted

I'm desperately seeking someone who can read Japanese text -- the Super Famicom edition of Wing Commander 1 has some interesting segments that aren't included in the American version... and I think we'd all like to know what happened in 2615 on the enhanced timeline! If there's anyone out there willing and able to help, please contact me. Thanks!

Something New Under the Sun

Outsider asked me to post this note regarding an Online SIM called Ace of Angels. He thinks it may be interesting for Wing Commander fans... check it out!
Hey CIC Regulars,

I got this from Kobalt[oRc] in Black Lance HeadQuarters about a week or so again. Its a new Online SIM that is being worked on. I rank it up there with Wing Commander, but some of the controls are different. It gives new things such as really developing space flight in a different way Origin System, Inc. never did. I'm still checking it out but you can at at


Obvious 'Head' Joke Goes Here

Anime-style Spirit says go visit this URL for more zany Japanese versions of the Wing Commander 1 Claw Marks character pictures. There's lots of interesting stuff in the Japanese Claw Marks... and we'll get it all online ASAP!


TheFraix has created three Wing Commander music rings for Nokia brand phones! All I know about cell phones is that mine is silver, but if you understand any of this here they are:
Movie Overture (Kevin Kiner and David Arnold)

8f1 8g1 8e1 8c1 4c2 8g1 8c2 8#a1 8a1 4.g1 8g1 8a1 4#a1 8g1 8#a1 4a1 8f1 8a1 8g1 16c1 4.c1 8f1 8g1 8e1 8c1 2c2 8#a1 8c2 8d2 8c2 4.#a1 8d1 8e1 8.f1 8d1 841 8.e1 8f1 8g1 8.a1 8a1 4a1

Tempo: 200 BPM

WC Fanfare (Dave Govett)

4c1 4f1 4c2 2b1 8a1 8g1 4a1 4g1 4f1 2g1 4c1 4f1 4c2 2b1 8a1 8g1 4a1 4b1 4d2 4c2 2g1 4g1 2g2 4f2 4e2 4.f2 4g2 4f2 4e2 2f2 4#g2 4g2 4f2 2g2 4f2 4e2 4d2 4c2 2d2

Tempo: 200 BPM

WC3 Kilrathi Theme (George Oldziey)

4a1 4b1 4e2 2c2 4b1 4#g1 4a1 2f2 4e2 4#c2 4d2 2#a2 4a2 2#g2 4e2 2g2 4g2 2f2 8c2 8d2 4e2 8f2 8f2 8e2 4e2 8g2 8f2 4e2

Tempo: 180 BPM or so

Happy Valentines Day

The legend of Valentines Day dates back to four billion years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth searching for dates to take to the dinosaur prom. And... screw it, here's the Love Arrow:

Some More Even More Tiny Ships, More

When it rains, it pours: DRAsvitt is back to show off three new Wing Commander ships... and five ships from the hip online game SubSpace. Quoth "I haven't made very many WC ships lately because I ran out of the Micro Machine display stands that I used to make them with. The most recent WC ships have been made with Plexiglas and Super Sculpey clay. The Subspace ships are made out of pieces of Military Micro Machines and some sculpy clay." WC ships are (interior left to right): Snakeir, Fralthi & Gilgamesh. SubSpace ships are (exterior left to right): Spider, Weasel, Leviathan, Javelin & Terrier.

mIRC 6.01!

What's even more exciting than the amazing wonderment that is mIRC version 6.0? Why, mIRC version 6.01, of course! Get it! Now! And them come visit #WingNut!

New Poll?!

Amazing fact: Mark Twain was born the day the CIC put up its first poll... and he died the day we finally updated it! Even though that's almost certainly not true, you should still take advantage of this once in a lifetime change in polls and vote on "If a WC movie or TV show was to be made who should it focus on?". Thanks go to Anthony Campbell for the topic.

You Can Go Home Again

Remember Space Quest? Well, it's back... in pog form! GameSpot reports that Sierra may be bringing back its wonderful Space Quest franchise... after an eight year hiatus (article)! The old Sierra 'Quest games harken back to a better time, when people weren't such idiots... and bringing back such a popular series after so long a time away should, at the very least, warm the hearts of any Wing Commander fan.

Unknown Menuemy

The Unknown Enemy site has been updated with a bit of new information. The new fiction viewer has been completed and tested, Prophecy's 'decoding starship transmission' comm sequence has been replaced by rotating faction logos, much progress has been made by Michael Mahadeen on the music and Hadrian's second animation is in the work. They've also got this picture of the high-res selection menu...

So, You Want to Buy a Rapier?

I'm telling you, you do! And you can... for about 8,000 pounds. Weird & Wonderful will be auctioning off one of their 30 foot long real-life F-117b's at Fleetwood Owen in April. If you've got lots of money, this may be your only chance to buy a real Wing Commander starfighter.

Insert Saturn Pun Here

Here's an interesting press release -- Wing Commander III for Sega Saturn... a game that was never released. Since only weirdos bought Saturns, Origin's post-Crusader lineup was scrapped... and Wing Commander III (and IV) were shelved. Coulda been interesting... I wonder how much work was done! Read the full thing here.
The Sega Saturn provides an exciting platform for bringing Origin Systems’ groundbreaking _Wing Commander III_ to the advanced entertainment system market. The Sega Saturn’s built-in texture mapping and impressive 640 x 480 high-resolution graphics provide exceptional video quality and realistic gameplay. In true interactive style, the player controls the intriguing twists and turns of the plot by engaging face-to-face with such legendary actors as Mark Hamill (_Star Wars_ trilogy), Malcolm McDowell (_A Clockwork Orange, Star Trek_) and John Rhys-Davies (_Raiders of the Lost Ark_).

Holding the Line: Chapter 121

Read it here. Find the official site here. Raptor's introduction here:
Hey all, Raptor here.

After that look at the reserves who are preparing for the final battle, we're now going to switch back to the front line, the delaying action being fought in the Loki system. As you might recall, the Border Worlds carriers were acting as the bait in an elaborate trap for the Nephilim, while the rest of the fleet closed in for the kill. While there have been several preliminary skirmishes, the battles to come are going to be bloodier by far.

We kick off with part six of the Tiger Hunt series, "A Den of Death." This chapter focuses on the Harbingers, a Bearcat unit serving with Union's Battlegroup Valkyrie. The Harbingers had previously carried out a lethal ambush on Nephilim scouts hunting the Border Worlders, but the squadron's own losses had instigated a revolt within its ranks. This chapter picks up from there. This story is written by Yu Fei "Phalanx" Leung, so please send any and all comments to him at

Best, Raptor

Mini-Trivia Results

A while back I offered a chance for some trivia... find all the 'Saab' references in Wing Commander. While nobody actually entered, lots of people wanted to know the results... go figure. Here's what I found (I'm giving the GOLD STAR to myself, unless somebody else can find more...).
  • The Border Worlds pilot "Excel" is named Pauline Saab. (WCIV)
  • The Avenger class bomber is manufactured by Psaab Engineering. (WCIV)
  • There is a Saab Quadrant in the Hawking Sector. (WCP)

Lets Go Out to the Press Room

... and have ourselves a snack. Here's something we should have done a long time ago: a press release archive. Unfortunately, as we did not do it a long time ago, it's severly lacking in press releases. If you've got any lying around, we'd love to archive them... for future generations and all that. Send any information you have to me.

Those Were the Days

Here's an interesting article -- a collection of messages posted by Origin to Compuserv back in 1991... giving 'preview' specifications for the ships of Wing Commander 2! A few fun notes: this is the first external mention of the name 'Bloodfang' for Thrakhath's fighter... and the Concordia is called a 'Super Cruiser'. Hmmmmm... Read the collection here.

More Tiny Ships, Yay

So I was just having lunch with Joe Garrity, and he asked me what became of the guy who'd been sending in pictures of neat little WC ships he'd made. "Hey, yeah!", I replied -- having no idea where myself. Now, a week later, though, DRAsvitt is back! With more ships! And here they are! (Left to right: Waterloo, Dralthi, Morningstar and Crossbow. Two B5 ships, the Liandra and the Excalibur are in the second row). You can see more of his work in the May and August 2001 archives.

WCSaga's New Clothes

Anton "Tolwyn" Romanyuk has sent in a status update for the WC Saga mod for Conquest: Frontier Wars. Almost every Confederation ship from Wing Commander 3 and 4 has been finished... and the WCSaga homepage has a nifty new look! Check it out.

Being Drakj'khai nar Ghorah Khar

Kalralahr Darkhath has sent us some information on the Kilrathi Empire Online Rollenspiel Deutschland, a German Kilrathi-based RPG. I've included his e-mail below, as it gives a great introduction to their game... (The RPG site,, is very well designed -- check it out even if you don't speak German!)
We are an online RPG based on the Kilrathi Culture and of course the Wing Commander Saga :-) Our RPG takes place in the year 2669 after the destruction of Kilrah. But there are some differences to the then following Wing Commander Games. In our RPG the signing of the treaty between Kilrathi and Terrans never happend. Both the Kilrathi and the Terrans do have an unsure future. The war still goes on and nobody is able to tell who will win or when the fighting is going to end. That was it so far about the story background.

As I said we are playing the Kilrathi cause we were interested in how it would be for the Kilrathi fighting this endless war. We were fascinated by their way of living ( honor / pride and so on ) and their culture. And of course we wanted to feel how it would be having fur on your body ;-)

Cheap Non-WC Update #2: Free Ultima Comic

Chris reports that fans of Ultima Online can get a free Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge comic book if you stop by a Babbages/GameStop/Software Etc./etc. in the next few days. Or you can get it by pre-ordering the game... and you get a free action figure! And social acceptance!

Holding the Line: Chapter 120

Next up is Raptor's introduction for the latest chapter of Holding the Line. You can find the chapter here.
Hey all, Raptor here.

HTL continues with part four of the "Toeing The Line" series, this one being called "Scrap Mettle". As you saw in the last couple of chapters, the Border Worlds reserves in the Nifelheim system had launched a mock attack on the Confed carriers, giving both forces a chance to practise dogfighting and mass engagement tactics. This chapter focuses on their Confed counterparts, both those who are defending the carriers, and those who are taking part in the attack with the squadrons of volunteer pilots they're training. This chapter is written by James Andrew "JAG" Greenhow, so please send any and all comments to him at

Best, Raptor

In The Money

This war agrees with them: AVault reports that Electronic Arts has more money than a dead fish. This, of course begs the question: just how much money does a dead fish have?
Video game publisher Electronic Arts reported a 50 percent jump in its fiscal third-quarter profit on Wednesday, led by strong sales for its Harry Potter games franchise. Redwood City, California-based Electronic Arts reported a net profit of $132.3 million, compared with net earnings of $88 million in the year-earlier period, Reuters reports. The company reported earnings of $147.1 million; revenue in the quarter was $832.9 million, up from $640.3 million a year earlier.

The company’s online division,, posted a loss including charges in the quarter of $36.2 million, though revenue nearly doubled to $21.9 million from $11.2 million in the year-earlier period. During the quarter, the company phased out its heavily promoted online adventure game Majestic, which was well received by critics but ended up a commercial failure due in part to its cumbersome registration process.

Never Sound Retreat

Shaggy found some interesting news for fans of William Forstchen. According to Dark Horizons (and there quoted from The Hollywood Reporter) the movie rights to his Lost Regiment series of books (Civil War soldiers versus aliens) has been optioned by Paramount and Cruise/Wagner productions! The project has supposedly been "put on the fast track". Hell, I'll pay to see a movie from the guy who wrote Fleet Action...

WCA Art 12: As Different as Day...

Hurrah, Wing Commander Academy artwork is back -- for two (and possibly three) more days! This is a shot of the volcano from Episode 4 - Word of Honor... in the daylight!

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