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ATFW has concluded their Wing Commander Poll for last week and has posted the results. One thing of note, it appears that whenever a "Favorite WC Game" poll is posed to the general community, Privateer comes out on top instead of WC4, which comes out on top in WC community polls. Their next poll talks about joystick manufacturers. It can be found here.
Which is your favorite game in the Wing Commander series?
--Privateer | 26%
--WC4 | 18%
--WC3 | 11%
--WCP | 9%
--None| 9%
--All | 8%
--WC2 | 7%
--WC1 | 5%
--Privateer 2 | 5%
--WCSO | 2%
--Armada | Less than 1%
--Academy | 0%

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Aaron Heston brought to our attention that Cockpit Collection is planning to create one of their keyboard layouts for Prophecy. What Cockpit Collection does is create interesting keyboard skins for the most popular flight sims. You can find some of their released product here. Their Upcoming Releases page can be found here. They actually show the Prophecy Gold box.

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Korax in Australia has been noticing more and more pre-release items popping up here and there around Australia. Posters for the movie have appeared in movie theaters, commercials have appeared on tv channels 7, 9 and 10 and there is a front page Wing Commander Movie posterish cover on this week's movie guide in the Sunday courier mail newspaper. There is also an article included (below).
The year is 2654, the Wing Commanders are on planet Earth. The Confederation is in conflict with a vicious bunch of aliens, the Kilrathi. The aliens have captured a navigation device and plan to attack Earth. Now three young space pilots from an elite fighter squadron are mobilising to repel the alien attack.
Wing Commander is a science fiction film filled with special effects. It's based on the best selling computer game of the same name. The rookies who make up the Wing Commanders are Christopher Blair (Freddie Prinze Jr), Maniac (Matthew Lillard) and their gorgeous superior officer "Angel" Jeanette Deveraux (Saffron Burrows). This team have only their rebellious ways in common and the determination to save mankind. Wing Commander screens in Cinemas everywhere! September 16.
Korax also expects to have a trailer for his fan-made movie Wing Commander Incursion soon. The latest Incursion email address is

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Hadrian noticed that Wing Commander made the Rogers Top Twenty Video Rentals list. Rogers is an omnipurpose video/cable/cellphone company. You can find their Top Twenty here.
1. A Civil Action
2. 8MM (Eight Millimeter)
3. Enemy Of The State
4. She's All That
5. Patch Adams
6. Virus
7. Rushmore
8. Saving Private Ryan
9. Varsity Blues
10. The Patriot
11. A Simple Plan
12. Wing Commander

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A few people have come to #Wingnut asking why the CIC has been down periodically this summer. It's actually more of a regular occurrence. Every few days or weeks the server will reset itself and it may take a couple hours for the CIC to come back online. It's nothing to worry about, so if you come to and the CIC doesn't come up, just try back later.

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There's a whole bunch of pictures from yesterday's Peter Telep book signing available to check out now. You can find four pages of images linked from here. Another book signing session for for Telep is now scheduled for Septemeber 18, 1999 again at the Barnes & Noble in Oveido. That signing will be from 2 to 4 pm, details can be found here.

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Dundradal found another WC mention at the FirstOnes site.
Fighter Damage Details
As of the E3 build, each fighter had their own individual damage characteristics. The Centauri Sentri had the lowest number of hitpoints, while the Narn Frazi was the proverbial tank. None of the fighters have individual damage areas as of this build. Although this strays from games like Wing Commander, where you generally have four damage quadrents, it does stay true to the game in terms of fighter to fighter combat. (Because beam weapons were not in the game played, the slicing of external surfaces were not witnessed.)(7.6.99)

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I talked to LOAF again and he's sounding better. He's back home in Maryland right now. It may yet be at least several weeks before he can get back online, so still feel free to email something for him here.

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Rob Morton reports that he is assisting with a school tv program that will be featuring their top five movie picks of the summer. Among the list is Wing Commander.
1. The Matrix
2. Star Wars Episode 1
3. Big Daddy
4. Wing Commander
5. The Blair Witch Project

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Two of them today. The first is from Avault talking about Homeworld. It's a light mention, they refer to Wing Commander and Star Wars as the "great ones" in space combat simulation. You can find the article here. Thanks to Shades.

The second was found by our own Hadrian. At developer Randy Littlejohn made a few comments about the storyline in the upcoming Babylon 5 sim.

I'd like to add that you will also have access to a data terminal that will display messages from characters, briefings, debriefings, ISN reports, and which will give access to the official EA database, among other things. Boning up on alien races and historical events could well help with how well you do in missions. You will also be allowed to go hop in your fighter in-between missions so that you can mess around with flying until you're called for a mission. As far as character interaction goes, there is some, but not in the Wing Commander way that you're thinking about. This is a combat sim, not an adventure game or RPG.

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ATFW has found another article on the increasing likelyhood of more game to movie transitions. has another one that focuses primarily on possible upcoming movies. Unfortunately it begins by lumping in Wing Commander with the likes of the Mario Brothers movie. They mention the possibility of Descent, Diablo and more (and the impossibility of Doom at this point). You can find the article here.

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First off, Darren Terry from asked us to tell you about their "Star in Starlancer" contest. Click here for details. And according to ATFW, is also holding an identical contest.
Five (5) lucky readers will have the chance to have their faces digitally rendered and placed on pilots in the game and will also receive a free copy of the game when it is released.
And secondly, Chris Morris from Well Rounded Entertainment asked us to mention their upcoming Starlancer giveaway. You can find the details for this one here.
Wanted to let you know that Well Rounded Entertainment is giving away two gold copies of Starlancer, letting people win before they can buy the game. There's no site search and no goofy trivia. Just fill out a form and win. The entry form is located at

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Mr. Bowden, Peter Telep's webmaster, informed us that the Pilgrim Stars copies available for autograph at the Barnes and Noble book signing in Oviedo, Florida will be special advance copies. According to their local manager and publisher, this will be the first place you will be able to pick up PS. You can find more information on the book signing here.

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LOAF should be beginning the drive back to Maryland today. We've gotten some really great messages of encouragement for him that we'll be packaging up in a few days here. If you'd like to send one in, email us at We'd also like to thank ATFW and for wishing LOAF well at their news sites.

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While looking up info on Command & Conquer 2, Wildfire came across on old Avault preview that compared the videos of Tiberian Sun to that of Wing Commander. You can find ther preview here.
While Command & Conquer featured some really great full-motion video cutscenes (some of the best seen at that time), Tiberian Sun will be a full-fledged interactive movie, along the lines of the Wing Commander series. The idea is to present the player with a fully fleshed-out storyline in which he or she plays an integral part, and determines the outcome.

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First off, thanks to all who have sent kind messages for LOAF. It's not too late to send in messages, so please keep them coming. Now the news.. Hadrian phoned LOAF today and he is doing well but the prognosis will still be several weeks. In the mean time, despite his current situation, LOAF has still been searching for WC news! After phoning Borders in search of a copy of Pilgrim Stars, LOAF reports they are now expecting to receive copies *next* week meaning either the stated release date was wrong or the shipments have been delayed.

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Ian Stroke reports on toilet trauma. A virulent virus has coursed through the entire population of Janus IV, causing widespread indigestion and stool looseness. The bug has been traced to contaminated stocks of food stuffs and water, all of which have been destroyed in an attempt to bring the outburst under control. Fresh supplied are urgently needed. Addressing the senate yesterday, Consul Scatalus claimed that 'Soon all this will be behind us'.

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What would normally be the largest holiday of the Confederation year in Wing Commander is marred by some sad news in real life. I'm at a loss as to what to say here.. so to make it brief.. further eye complications (that some might remember kept LOAF offline for several days before our Birthday) resurfaced and forced LOAF to undergo emergency surgery last week shortly after his arrival in Austin. We're a bit unclear on the details, but from what we can tell, it may be at least several weeks before we get a positive/negative prognosis. So for all intents and purposes right now, we are without LOAF for some time. As such, we believe LOAF could really use some encouraging material to get well soon. If you'd like to contribute a written message or a recorded wav/sound file that will eventually reach LOAF, please email us at If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email us or stop by #Wingnut.

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Felicia Harmon had the following to say about the recent Pilgrim Stars "release date."
I've noticed that still reports that Pilgrim Stars will not be available until September, but Barnes and Noble reports it's available now... only you have to wait 1-2 weeks for it to ship, as opposed to the "24 hours" usually required of most books. Why do I get the feeling that B&N won't be getting the book any sooner than anybody else, and is just advertising the book as available to capture the early-release sales?
While this is a real possibility, we'd like to point out that B&N has been pretty reliable in the past and has generally been pretty good about getting WC novels earlier than other online bookstores. Nevertheless.. we still have yet to hear about anyone finding a copy of Pilgrim Stars.

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Tricia Gallagher posted the following to about a Wing Commander MUSH starting up.
For anyone who is interested in a new Wing Commander MUSH with a fantasic RP envirnoment then check out Dawn of Freedom. It is set 6 months after the Temblor Bomb was dropped on Kilrah. Some of the Kilrathi, however, felt that they would rather die with honor forming the Cult of Sivar. Tension between the Terran Confederation and Union of Border Worlds begins to grow. Pirates make space unsafe for merchants who make a living in the stars. Space is still under construction and we are in our Beta Stage. PennMUSH is what the MUSH runs on. Characters are created via Chargen. Connect via telnet to 1817

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According to this Gamecenter article, EA was in New York last week showing off their upcoming games. All of EA's companies were there except one: Origin. It's no big surprise really since they have been very secretive about everything for quite some time and since they haven't taken this opportunity to announce what they are up to, we may be waiting some time before we find out.

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A while ago CIC held a poll asking you to vote for your favorite WC game. Some of CIC's more recent visitors who missed that poll have asked about repeating it, but hey, no need since the ever incredible ATFW has done it for us. So go vote now and lets see how much opinions have changed.

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"WING COMMANDER (1999). Two young fighter pilots (Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard) lead a mission to save Earth from an alien enemy in this futuristic adventure based on the computer game of the same name. [PG-13]" The preceding summary is from the The Cable Guide, Issue September 1999 (from the publishers of TV Guide). If you're in the US and haven't been able to get ahold of the Wing Commander DVD or VHS yet, Pay Per View is coming soon. The following times and information apply to TCI cable in the Seattle area. It varies from place to place, so check your local listings. Many thanks to Celina Tam for this information.
September 3 (4:30 AM)
September 4 (1:00 PM)
September 5 (3:30 PM)
September 6 (12 noon)
September 7 (10:30 PM)
September 8 (9 PM)
September 9 (2 PM)
September 10 (9 AM)
September 25 (7AM)
To Order: Dial the number for the channel you want to view within 30 minutes of the movie start time and up to 10 minutes after start time.
(non upgrade) PPV1: 1-800-885-PPV1 CH. 61 *only available 5pm-4am on Monday-Friday and 3pm-4am on Sat and Sun in non upgrade areas. (upgrade) PPV1: same number, but different channel (CH. 74)All movies are $3.99, $2.99 with digital cable.

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Jumpstart brought to our attention the new Avault preview of Freespace 2. Just like last week's Gamespot preview, it mentions Wing Commander heavily. You can find the Avault preview here.
I'll always remember the first time I played the original Wing Commander as my own little gaming Renaissance. After cutting my teeth on early adventure games by Infocom and Sierra, I had gone through a period in which I kind of lost interest in PC games. When I booted up Wing Commander, however, I was hooked once again.
And another thing.. what's with all the upcoming space sims looking exactly like Privateer 2 from 1996? Below is the Freespace 2 ship at the top of the Avault preview and the Kindred Blade from Privateer 2.

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Aaron Heston tipped us off about a huge "video games to movies" article at There's a big feature about Wing Commander. The two biggest faults they come up with were the scene with the "sonar pinging" and the lack of development with the Pilgrim Cross. As all hardcore WC fans know, such sensor devices are nothing new to WC, Bear Bondarevsky aboard the Tarawa shared an almost identical experience in the novels, and the scene where Blair uses his Cross to kill the Pilgrim Traitor was cut from the film after test audiences reported it was difficult to understand. Nevertheless, it's a neat article. You can find the complete WC feature here.
Although Wing Commander has been primarily a PC game, its inclusion on several consoles allows it to fall under the scope of this article. The story is legendary: On the outskirts of the galaxy a series of Earth-spawned colonies have been attacked and destroyed by an alien race of sentient space-bound tigers named the Kilrathi. The background to the battles was significantly developed: Planets and ships had proper names, and the Kilrathi even spoke in their own tongue. While the gameplay was somewhat repetitive, Wing Commander constantly pushed the envelope of computer gaming technology. Each new title dated the previous ones, and it could be argued that one could trace the evolution of the flight simulator through Wing Commander alone.

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Peter Telep will be autographing books at the Barnes and Noble at 1260 Oviedo Marketplace Boulevard in Oviedo, Florida on Saturday, August 28 from noon until 6 pm. His webmaster, Richard Bowden, has released flyers for the event and is maintaining a page with more information here. The official website of Peter Telep can be found at Telep was the author of the Wing Commander movie and junior movie novelizations and has also written novels based on the Descent series. His latest novel, Pilgrim Stars, ships today according to B&N. I'm off to bug my local bookstores about it soon.

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We've got an update from Reaver and the American Laser site. Wing Commander sales are now in 13th place.. after about six weeks. To compare that to the movie charts, Detroit Rock City debuted in 13th place this past weekend.. and the very successful American Pie is in 12th place after six weeks (of course DVD releases are slightly different).
1. Payback
2. Ed-TV: Special Ed
3. 8mm: Special Ed
4. Shakespeare In Love
5. Cruel Intentions: Special
6. True Crime
7. 54
8. Analyze This: Special
9. Enemy Of The State
10. Heat
11. There's Something About Mary
12. Blast From The Past
13. Wing Commander
14. Virus: Special Ed
15. She's All That

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Hades has been doing some digging and was able to contact Showscan in regards to the Ride. Looks like it's on track, expect details on it in a couple months.
Thank you for your email regarding our Wing Commander ride film. As you correctly noted, we have not made any recent statements regarding this project. We anticipate an update on the project shortly (keep checking our press releases).
In the meantime, I can tell you that the project is still on track for an early 2000 release to Showscan's worldwide network of locations. Beyond that, we have no additional information available at this time. I invite you to email me again around mid-November. We should have addition information at that time.

Best regards,
Bill Hole
Director of Marketing Services
Showscan Entertainment

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Did you see Hadrian's movie last week and can't wait for more? He just found an extra clip that was left out of the original publication. This 1.2 meg mpeg file features a Sartha being dwarfed by a Broadsword. You can find it locally here.

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Lasse Kaila reports that the local distributor Finnkino lists an August 27 release date for the WC Movie in Finland. You can find the release date page here.
Wing Commander (Wing Commander)
O: Chris Roberts PO: Freddie Prinze, Saffron Burrows, Matthew Lillard
Levittäjä: Columbia Tristar Egmont Film Distributors Wing Commander on tulevaisuuteen sijoittuva seikkailuelokuva; avaruudessa käydään taistelu siitä, ketkä jäävät henkiin ja millä ehdoilla.

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Mat Bettinson over at has published an editorial where he discusses what he'd want to be the "Ultimate Elite." "Elite" was a classic game that predated Wing Commander and featured Privateer-style gameplay. It's a long article, so you can find his conclusion below. If you'd like to read it for yourself you can find the editorial here. Again, many thanks to A Talent For War for reporting this first.
It's about damn time massively multiplayer came to the Sci-Fi genre and what BETTER than the ultimate space opera? Think about it, it's perfectly suited to starting out by yourself, poxy little space ship - 100 credits to your name. In time your entire clan could chip in money and colonise an entire new system! You could charge passes by for services or build enough factories and earn enough money to pay for enough new hardware to launch a full scale war against another band of players. C'mon, that's got to appeal doesn't it? All it needs is vision! EverQuest? Bollocks. Elite Online. You know it makes sense.

New Memorials Section Online Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We now have a new section dedicated to contributors to the Wing Commander universe who have passed away. You can find it here. If you'd like to add to the memorial, feel free to email us. And if someone has a copy of the old Origin Jason Bernard memorial, please contact us as well.

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Jibbo reports that all but two XL size CIC Shirts have been sold. If you'd like to purchase one of the remainders, contact him asap. There is a time limit, after September 3 he will be unavailable and all monies will have to have reached him by then. The cost is $20, including shipping. Above, Hadrian and Guilherme de Mesquita pose in their shirts. Self-potraits of other fans who purchased shirts are very welcome.

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Lenny J. Kelly feels quite pleased with himself for thinking up such a good headline. Well, it's bad news if you live on Hermes. It seems that the Food Ministry's mainframe went somewhat awet in a recent electrical storm; most files were retrieved, but the program running the Synthi Meat manufacturing plants got rather scrambled. All sorts of strange ingredients have been going into Synthi Meat production - small mammals, gravel and no. 3 lubrication oil, to name a few - and the end product has been thoroughly inedible to say the least: 340 Quality Assurance testers are hospitalised with cronic indigestion. A further 57 weren't quite so lucky and died horrible agonising deaths. Synthi Meat imports are urgently required. Under Kalkrath Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Steven Takacs sent us a transcript of his conversation with Several weeks ago they sold their last copies of the much sought-after Kilrathi Saga.
I have heard rumors that those people who, like me, have ordered Kilrathi Saga will not be receiving them. Is this indeed true?

Steven, Thank you for your inquiry regarding your order. Our records indicate that due to unanticipated demand, Wing Commander:Kilrathi Saga is currently on backorder. We expect a shipment to arrive from the manufacturer in approximately 4-6 weeks. We apologize for the delay and for any inconvenience it may have caused. Thank you for choosing BUY.COM

That's a bit different than the standard "we expect it in 1-2 weeks" response and would support the rumored October Kilrathi Saga rerelease, but we shall see. I still think KS DVD is a bit more likely at this point.

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Freddy Parkinson reports from Anhur. Anhur engineering firm Phew-merole has unveiled plans to cap the active volcano Ganitale, which borders the Stracyinn settlement. The project calls for a large Brikcrete plug to be inserted at the heart of the volcano by engineers wearing protective clothing. At present, the project is being delayed by low stocks of both Brikcrete and Enviro Suits, and work will commence once sufficient of both is available.

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Jan Peiniger asked us to mention the latest project operating out of
The game will have a new D3D supporting engine. It takes place after WC IV but before Prophecy. You'll be able to fly over 12 ships, 3 of them can already be downloaded with a ship viewer on our homepage. There is also a trailer up on the homepage which has no sound yet, but there you'll see how the cutscenes that will look like the game.

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Reaver brought to our attention the Swedish American Laser site. There they report that Wing Commander has moved to 11th place on their Best Sellers list after about six weeks. You can find the list for yourself here. She's All That (also starring Prinze and Lillard) is in 12th place.
1. Payback
2. 8mm: Special Ed
3. Heat
4. Cruel Intentions
5. There's Something About Mary
6. Enemy Of The State
7. True Crime
8. Virus
9. Blast From The Past
10. Shakespeare In Love
11. Wing Commander
12. She's All That

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Says Eira Reeves, the voice of sanity. Janus IV authorities have imprisoned six environmental research scientists for criminal negligence. The scientists, who were working on a controversial 'cloud-seeding' project for the artificial stimulation of rain, ran a torrential rain experiment to explore the higher limits of their equipment. It has now been raining on Janus IV for over two months and many low level parts of the planet have been flooded, and thousands of credits worth of damage have been caused. Fresh Water prices have reached an all-time low.

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Chris LaRoche noticed the cdmag news bit about Scott Youngblood moving to EA. He had previously been working for Dynamix as a designer for Tribes and Tribes 2. The article doesn't specifically say Youngblood is moving to Origin however.
Scott Youngblood announced in his .plan file today announcing that he will be leaving Dynamix on Friday to pursue an opportunity at Electronic Arts. Youngblood will be working with the Online division of EA as a lead designer on an undisclosed multiplayer project. Youngblood was a designer on Tribes and the upcoming Tribes 2.
Mmm.. my heart rate picks up every time I see the words "undisclosed multiplayer project" used in relation to Electronic Arts (the company that owns Origin)..

He's Still Got It Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Freddie Prinze is still coasting well off his early 1999 successes. In the recent '99 Teen Choice Awards, he received the awards to the effect of "Best Hottie" and "Most Choice Movie," both for his performance in She's All That.

Citizens Left Without a Foot to Stand On! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Shock horror specialist Limph Grue writes. Inhabitants of Hades are living in fear of a mysterious and bloodthirsty new cult. Known as the Guardians of the Sacred Knee or Bharg, their prime devotional function is to have their left leg amputated in order to emulate their supposed Messiah, Bharg. All well and good, you might think, but unfortunately it is written in the Holy Scriptures of Bharg that the time of judgement is almost upon us, and only the one-legged will gain admittance to Paradise. The Guardians have thus taken it upon themselves to relieve as many citizens as possible of their 'impure' left legs. The situation now seems under control, but Cybernetic Limbs are now at a premium.

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The latest space sim to get churned through the hype engine is Freespace 2. Gamespot has a six page preview of the upcoming game and they compare many elements of it to Wing Commander. You can find the preview here. The WC comparisons begin here.
The comparison to Wing Commander IV has much to do with the slightly similar rogue-commander subplot, but the similarities are more in the serious tone and murky motives of the principle players.

Where's The Mail Bag? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

As those of you who visited the latest Mailbag will know, ace intends to release a new mailbag every friday. So where is the latest? Well its hard to have a mailbag without any submissions, so as the Mailbag page says, if you have strong feelings about a topic concerning Wing Commander, the CIC wants them. Compose a letter to ace and Byydo (a "Dear ace and Byydo") and see what our most mysterious staff members have to say about it. Send all correspondence here.

Adipose Aggro on Anhur Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Stacey Urklow reports from a nearby bar. Chaos has erupted on Anhur during the qualifying heats for next year's Mr. Fatman competition. The heats had progressed to the final elimination round, which calls for ten 50kg pork pies and a tonne of lard, when an armed deputation from the local Girthwatchers group arrived, demanding the competition should cease. The leading competitor, Gutmeister Larsen, responded by lifting up his t-shirt and wobbling his belly at the incensed fitness fascists. This provocation was met with a hail of gunfire, in which many dedicated competitors were killed and wounded, though they retaliated by sitting on some of their assailants. The conflict continues, and Firearms are much in demand.

The Curse of the Pilgrim Crosses Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Well Kris mailed Tuscany Trading Company again today, and here's the straight dope on the status of the next Pilgrim Cross shipment.
Your anticipation will undoubtedly burn even hotter before it is satisfied since we have been dealt yet another delay. The newest date is September 3rd, but I don't think they really have any clue when to expect the next batch and have just been making up dates as they go along. We are seriously considering just giving up and cancelling all orders until we actually have the knives in our hands.

Georgie's Gorgeous Orgy Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Sybaris de Licious writes from Crius. A big hello from love central to all my bliss buddies. Things are just peachy here at Passion Mansion, where playboy George Gretner is hosting absolutely the biggest bang of all time! Oiled hunks and bouncing beauties are just everywhere, and the atmosphere is steamier than an iceberg in a volcano. Well, if it isn't the Strippendales, red-blodded sacs of testosterone to a man. Mmm-mmm. I'm gonna need a hand to take these hunks on...and all the Pleasure Borgs seem to be in use. Hey there, all you lonely cargo jockeys, if any of you can help me out, why not drop in for a spot of something...sensual.

CIS bring Gamberettis to justice Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Crime reporter Hal C. Andays writes from Janus IV. CIS operatives made a grand coup last night, when a three month operation came to fruition. Agents had been observing members of the Gamberetti clan, a notorious criminal family rumoured to have links with the Kindred, after being tipped off that a large-scale armed robbery was being planned. 27 Gamberetti members were caught at a safe house, in possession of a large quantity of Firearms, and the CIS are confident of gaining convictions for the majority of the offenders. The Gamberettis are now suspected to be extremely short of weapons, and police are on the alert for incoming shipments of Firearms.

That's a Wrap! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The CIC's First Birthday Party is now over, but we're not stopping there. We still have a lot of work to do reporting news, upgrading our currect sections and creating new sections as the need arises. If you haven't gotten a chance to look at our lineup of new features, you can find the list here. You can also find complete logs of last night's Birthday Party here. We'll be working out the details regarding prizes soon. Here's a rundown of who won which door prizes last night. If you're a winner and haven't done so already, please email us.
Maniac Action Figure - Spaceboy
Paladin Action Figure - Ezis
Kilrathi General Action Figure - Ainamacar
Marine Blair Action Figure - Pedro-UE
Pilot Blair Action Figure - Halman
Movie Press Kit - Asterix
Movie Postcards - Iceheart Rob
Movie Postcards - Meson
CIC T-Shirt - Death
CIC T-Shirt - Frosty

Andrew Keith Memorial Tribute Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Almost three years ago the online Wing Commander community was stunned by the sudden death of Jason Bernard, Captain Eisen from Wing Commander 3 and 4. From that event, a number of online tribute sites were created. With the recent passing of False Colors/Heart of the Tiger co-author Andrew Keith, we'd like to put together a simple tribute for him as well. Since he worked behind the scenes, it's harder to relate to him compared to Bernard, but he was a real great guy who was very attentive towards the fans. If you'd like to contribute to a memorial, you can begin by posting a message to the CIC Chat Zone or emailing us, we'll be compiling submissions soon. Update: tributes have been compiled here.

Birthday Party Logs Online Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Did you miss the Party? Want to see the next best thing? We now have logs of the big event available to read online. The first log starts about two hours before the opening of the new CIC sections and continues two hours after. The smaller version of the log contains conversation from just one hour before and after. You can find the first log here (191 k) and the second here (131 k).

Rash crash causes splash at flash bash lash-up Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Hack from hell Eno Barbus gives a report from the sharp end. Great reports from Rock emperor Zak Skintight's 'Piss-up in a Brewery' party at the Braufhrer ale plant on the planet of Karatikus. The result of a rash comment by a disillusioned groupie, it really has to be one of Zak's best bashes to date. One event slightly marred the celebrations, when Zak gave me an impromptu high-speed tour of the plant in his brand new Thrashmobile 5000. The 200kmh jaunt came to somewhat premature conclusion when Zak piled the 80,000 cred roadster into the brewery's main storage tank. The whole plant is now thoroughly flooded, and Lythia, a substance which absorbs water and carbon dioxide, is much in demand.

Our Birthday Stuff Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's our first anniversary... and here's what's new.

From Hades and Chris comes a comprehensive game based index of Wing Commander's fighting spaceships. From A-Arrow to W-Wasp, they're all here... check it out.

From Hadrian we have a video of 3D Wing Commander 2 ships put to music -- it showcases some excellent modelling and rendering skills.

From Byydo comes a massive undertaking properly entitled Byydo's Happy Secret Thingie. I won't reveal its terrible secret outright, but can safely say that Wing Commander has finally taken its place among one of the staples of the Internet.

From Kolokov's diseased mind is born the sequel to the now deceased Kolokov's Wing Commander Site -- Kolokov's Starlancer and Freelancer Site. Expect Kolokov.Babes soon.

From ace, an exciting all new mailbag... keep sending letters, people.

And me? Well, I've decided to release the first part of the CIC's Wing Commander Timeline. This is the first of three segments, this one covering the pre-war era. I'm leaving to drive to UT tomorrow, and the second part (the war) will be posted when I return.

And there's also a cake...


Kevin Kwast: For maintaining our server and for not killing us when we want to do silly things.

Delance & Vanhecke: For helping Chris & Hades with their ship database.

Phoenix: For the beautiful graphics, which we have since bastardized.

Boomer & David Swofford: For answering our questions, no matter how annoying they were.

Neil Young: For helping us get the thing started in the first place.

Chris Roberts & Origin: For making the dashed game. And for making the next one.

Beth & ATFW: For all the support over the last year.

Johnny: Duh.

The Visitors: For not downloading too much stuff at once and ruining our server. And for visiting.

Trelane & Byydo: For being staff members but not knowing it.

AGWC: For giving us a place to argue about whether or not the movie is canon.

The Volunteer Chat Zone Moderators: For helping us keep the Chat Zone up and running.

Peter Telep: For keeping the fans in mind when writing his novels and for almost coming to the chat tonight.

Chris McCubbin: For keeping everybody in-the-know about the Handbook.

Dan from Dan's Wing Commander Movie Site: Not just for the limo. But yeah, mainly for the limo.

Jumpstart: For letting us use the Killer Bee's server.

And to For making us look good. (Just kidding, we love you guys).

And The Rest: Are all here on CIC Isle... and deserve a big round of applause.

(And from this staff member to the rest, for being the best friends a guy could have).

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Goodbye, Andrew Keith Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Some very sad news. Author Andrew Keith, who co-wrote Heart of the Tiger and False Colors with William Forstchen, apparently died last Saturday. Long time visitors may remember Mr. Keith from an online chat he was kind enough to appear at for us -- he was intelligent and always very polite about answering our questions while we were waiting for False Colors to come out. He will be missed. (Please thank Diane for informing us of this news). His obituary, as it appeared in the August 8th Tribune Review follows.
J. Andrew Keith, 41, of Greensburg, died Saturday, August 7, 1999, in Westmoreland Regional Hospital, Greensburg. He was born on August 31, 1957, in Pittsburgh, a son of the late William H. and Dorothy Hultz Keith. He had been self-employed as a free-lance novelist. He is survived by his brother, William H. Keith, Jr. of Greensburg. There will be no public visitation. Private interment will take place at the St. Clair Cemetary, Greensburg. Barnhart Funeral Home, Greensburg, in charge of arrangements.
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Hey, LOAF's Back Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Hey, where'd LOAF go? He's been away for a while with some eye problems -- but he didn't have to have surgery, and he's back just in time for the anniversary.
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The Big Day's Finally Here! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

There's a couple News Updates we're going to try to put up throughout the first half of the day to separate them from the slew of Birthday Updates we're planning later on. So.. basically keep checking back, and we've done it to death, but we can't help but plug the Party one more time. We really do want it to be a fun event for as many as possible. Check here or here for the details. Have a nice day.
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Kilrathi Saga Classic May Be on the Horizon Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Angel Little reported this at this morning.
I just spoke to EA Direct today and I heard that a re-release of Kilrathi Saga could happen as soon as October. The guy I spoke to said that he gets at least 3-5 calls on the average a day himself with folks looking for KS and that a re-release under the Classics lineup would be more than likely for around $14.99. A re-release of WC4 could be likely as well under the Classics, so everyone if you even got KS and/or WC4 PLEASE call EA Direct and let them know that a re-release would be appriciated. 1-800-245-4525 but we all know that already, right?. :)
Now all we need are the DVD versions. :)

Happy Birthday Eve Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Tomorrow's the big day. If there's any confusion as to the the time, stop by #Wingnut early and ask us to compare time zones with you. The party starts at 7:00 pm Eastern Time (4 pm Pacific Time, 11 pm GMT) Tuesday evening as we count down to the official one year mark at 8 pm Eastern Time (5 pm Pacific, midnight GMT). You can find more information here. Don't forget to wear your CIC Shirt.

DVD Box Office Customer Update Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

If you ordered a Wing Commander DVD from DVD Box Office and haven't received it yet, you should be getting a Back Order notice like the one below. If you haven't gotten one, you should email
Dear (Name)

Just a friendly reminder that your order of
(1) Wing Commander (is still on back order)

Unless you notify us, your order will be shipped as soon as your titles arrive. We apologize for the delay.

It has been our pleasure serving you. We look forward to your next purchase.


They also had this to say to us..
We receive stock everyday and are hoping that it will not be too much longer. We will email you as soon as it has been shipped to you.

Crius Inhabitants Show a Lot of Front Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Fashion editor Lou Cottomy reports. Well, hiiiii, style vampires, and welcome to this report from the lifestyle front-line. Hot tip for this month comes from those crrrazy folks on Crius. Apparently, the in-thing for the who keeps abreast of fashion is exactly that: a breast. Clinics across the planet are being bombarded with applications from guys who want to have breasts made from Synthi Skin grafted on to their manly checks. Freako, eh? Well, here's what the most recent addition to these bosomy blokes, Terri Almer, has to say: "It's, like, been a real revelation to me. I feel that it's put me really in touch with my feminine side, yeah, and, like, really taken a weight off my chest."

Tom's Fictional Dinner With Origin Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Next Gen pulls their usual stuff in an article making its rounds of the various news sites. It's entitled "My Dinner with Origin" and supposedly investigates Origin's cancellation of the Jane's A-10 Warthog project. They jump around and also mention Wing Commander.
"Let me ask you: what space sims are people still playing? Freespace Descent and that other one, you know, that Star Wars one. Is anyone still playing Wing Commander Prophecy? Nope. Know why? No multiplayer. Those yahoos running the show back then scrapped it to concentrate on the single player game. And guess what? We even put out all new single player missions. For free, for Chrissake! For free! It was like a whole new game, free of charge. And what did everyone do? They shrugged and went back to Parallel Online and that Microsoft Zone thing to fly their little Star Wars planes. Well, we'll see who shrugs when we release a massively multiplayer bombshell like Chris Roberts' Freelancer."
Before you start jumping for joy.. be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom.
The above was a work of fiction. Any similarity between the character _____ and any _____s, either living or dead, is purely coincidence. Tom Chick's opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Next Generation Online.

Starlancer Delayed Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Recent announcements have confirmed that Digital Anvil's Starlancer is no longer scheduled for a 1999 release. Current estimates are first quarter 2000. Chris Roberts helped to found Digitial Anvil and his brother, Erin Roberts, is executive producer of Starlancer. Thanks to ATFW.

DA Issues New Guidelines Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Deathball correspondent Viman Vigga reports. The Deathball Association this afternoon revealed plans to add four new rules to the rulebook, a decision which will make that slim journal three times larger. The resolution was deemed necessary in light of a few recent matches - notably the Treyk-Barzon Incident, and the Fewley-Trenzik Massacre. From now on, use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons is strictly banned. Any team using them immediately forfeit the match, be banned for a year, and have its manager executed. Also proscribed is the use of military vehicles and hardware - no more napalm strikes, unfortunately. Oh well, it's still a great game.

Wow, What a Coincidence Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Several people have noticed that the recent commercials for the movie Deep Blue Sea, currently the number three movie in America, are using a slogan similar to: "An Action Packed, Edge-of-your-seat Thrill Ride!" Many of you will recall that posters for the Wing Commander movie used the phrase "An Action-Packed Thrill Ride!" Beyond that coincidence, both movies prominently star Saffron Burrows, who played Angel in the WC movie.

Tellurian Defense Not Like WC Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

In the recent Adrenaline Vault review of Tellurian Defense, reviewer Justin Mills had the following to say about TD compared to WC. I haven't heard many nice things about this game, but you can find the review here.
Most games that involve shooting down spaceships are founded on the principle that an object in motion continues in motion. After stalling my fighter and slamming it into the ground, I knew I'd have to temporarily set aside my trusty Wing Commander instincts.

Farmer Attributes 100m Win to Lucky Potato Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

A human interest story by Velda Twee. Perfect health, long life and a hundred mission credit fortune could all be yours, if only you had a lucky potato. That's the claim of Grain farmer Jile Therrband, 96, anyhow, who attributes all of these virtues to his possession of 'Larry', a Holstein Pink potato. Larry always nestles next to Jiles' skin as he directs the Cyberplow over his 600-hectare plot on Bex, and it was Larry's stem that Jiles used to select his winning numbers from the Grishund Racing News. Will Larry continue to be Jiles' companion? "Arrr. But maybes I'll givvum a gold jacket to wear, loik." A truly inspiring tale.

Cross Anticipation Builds Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

KrisV, recently back from Italy, mailed Tuscany Trading and received the following message in regards to the Pilgrim Crosses.
Yes, your knife will be shipped in our next shipment. Keep in mind that the August 3 date was the date that [United Cutlery] was expecting to receive their shipment. It will take them a few days to get the shipment out to their dealers.

Brazilian Movie Release Confirmation Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

GGmesquita emailed us to confirm that the WC Movie does appear to be coming out around September 29. He called the local Fox reprentatives and they also expect a release about that time. If you'd like to ask them yourselves, Fox in Brazil can be reached at 00 55 11 38723933 (English) and 00 55 11 72955999 (Portuguese). Hopefully we'll receive an exact date soon.

Circus! Circus! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Hal Indigo reports. Roll up! Roll up! The circus is coming to town! The Bex Planetary Circus has just announced it is to tour all three systems, making appearances on all eight planets (yes...even the delinquents on Hades will get to enjoy all the fun of the fair). Gasp! at Aaron Float and His Anti-G Angels! Thrill! to the exploits of Trengel's Tiger Troupe! Wet yourself! at the exploits of Larry Trousers and his Comical Clowns! Check local bulletins for tour dates.

You're Invited.. Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Now that we're down to just a few short days before the CIC's first birthday, we thought we'd try to clarify a couple things and remind everyone about the details.
  • At 7 pm EST (4 pm PST, 11 pm GMT) we expect guests to start showing up for the "countdown" in the CIC irc channel #Wingnut. The CIC opened at midnight GMT, the night of August 10, last year. At 8 pm (5 pm PST, 12 am GMT) we'll serve the cake and humbly reveal a couple of our projects underway here at the CIC. We recommend the dalnet server "".
  • Throughout the evening we'll throw out door prizes randomly and we do expect a VIP or two to make an appearance.
If you can't make it to the party by the times specified above, don't worry. Although the event is centered around a certain timeframe, its primary goal is just to be a thing where lots of fans can get together and talk about what we've gone through to get where we are and where we're going in the future. Just have fun. Now's also the time to email us or ask on the chat zone any questions you might have. We hope as many people as possible can attend. Thanks.

CIS Bulletin Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

This is a warning to any individuals intending to attend an illegal gathering being promoted by a popular youth music act known as 'Hard?Cor!'. Under new system legislation, the CIS are authorised to fire upon those who attempt to enter the 1500km exclusion zone which has been established around the asteroid Bellerophon, the designated venue for the event. You have been warned.

Wing Commander in Third at DVD Box Office Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

DVD Box Office has come out with its monthly email newsletter and that included a list of the top sellers in July. Wing Commander came in third behind Something About Mary and Payback.
DVD Box Office's TOP 10 list for July:
1. There's Something About Mary
2. Payback
3. Wing Commander
4. Ghostbusters
5. Alien Legacy (4 Pack)
6. Clerks
7. Austin Powers
8. Meet the Feebles
9. Starship Troopers
10. Gods and Monsters

Second Chance for WC DVD Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've also been informed that DVD Box Office's free shipping offer has been extended one month. If you didn't order the Wing Commander DVD last month, you have one more chance to take advantage of this offer. DVD Box Office sells the WC DVD for $19.97. That's about the cheapest it should be for a while.

Interesting German Cover Differences Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Markus Steinkamp saw our previously reported Freedom Flight (Die Befreier) and Heart of the Tiger (Das Herz des Tigers) German cover scans and kindly sent in the German equivalents of End Run and Fleet Action, Der Hinterhalt and Die Geheimflotte respectively. Aside from the spelling of the titles and the "Bastei Lübbe" logo, the placement of the authors' names appears to be different from the English counterparts.

Comes the Inquisitor Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The following portions of an article appeared at the All Games Network the other day. This could very well mean that Privateer Online will be announced soon. (Thanks to Byydo for pointing this out).
Electronic Arts, the No. 1 video-game publisher, is poised to unveil a series of Internet initiatives that may boost its profit and stock price, analysts and investors said.

While company executives declined to comment on the plans, chief financial officer Stan McKee has been telling investors that Electronic Arts wants to get 20 percent of its sales from online sources within three years. That could equal several hundred million dollars a year for the Redwood City, California, company, which had $1.2 billion in sales for fiscal 1998.

Electronic Arts has actually made money on a small scale with its first Internet-only title, Ultima Online, a role-playing game. The game, introduced in 1997, has 125,000 subscribers each paying $10 a month and was recently introduced in Europe. Rival Sony's EverQuest online game has a similar audience.

Electronic Arts is quietly working on several subscription-based games similar to Ultima Online and said two weeks ago that it's developing one of the titles with closely held Wizards of the Coast, makers of the addictive card-collecting game Magic: The Gathering.

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Lottery Closed Following Scandal Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Valen Messina reports. The Hephaestan Planetary Lottery has been shut down by CIS Fraud investigators, following the discovery of a huge prize fiddle. Apparently, members of the ad-judicatory board had used magnets to ensure that their numbers came up every week. Chief of the offenders was Chairman Adem Velt; investigators became suspicious when the main prize winners for four months all had names that were anagrams of his name. Delt Vame, Tema Veld, Tam Delve and Ad Velmet were all names used by the unscrupulous big-wig, who amassed a 55 mission credit fortune. He has been stripped of his winnings and sentenced to 14 years hard labour on Hades.
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Back to Gold Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Wildfire reports that Prophecy Gold is no longer in production, meaning that if you haven't gotten your copy yet you'd better do so quickly. People are already reporting difficulty locating the game, and it looks set to be as bad as the Kilrathi Saga fiasco.
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The Top 10 Reasons WC is Better Than Starlancer Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Note: This is a joke, not even a very funny one, and should thusly not be taken seriously...

10. Virtual Pleasure Planet Bartender far superior to Virtual Fish.
9. WC? Starlancer?
8. Longtime WC fans have grown out of horny teenager phase.
7. Had multi-player before multi-player was cool.
6. Absolutely no Micro$oft involvement.
5. Blatant rip-off of Larry Niven's Kzinti better than blatant rip-off of World War 2.
4. WC is the bastard son of Star Wars. Starlancer is the bastard son of Privateer 2.
3. Doesn't have to advertise as being from 'the Creators of Wing Commander'.
2. Unlike Starlancer, WC is *NOT* made by the people who made Wing Commander: The Movie.
And the number one reason Wing Commander is better than Starlancer is...
1. Isn't named after something you do to a boil.
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CIS Bulletin Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

...Fraser Moores... Christopher Fatanis... Jeremy Allison... Jonathan Heastie... If you know the whereabouts of any of the individuals names above, please contact your nearest CIS station. The have been judged to have acted in a manner which breaches levels of acceptable abnormality, and are required to undergo corrective surgery and therapy. Charges against these felons include the excessive use of silly voices, over-indulgence in various illegal stimulants, and the repetition of annoying catch-phrases which breach noise pollution regulations.
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