Theta1C Orionis

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Theta1C Orionis
Sector Avalon Sector
Quadrant Bing Quadrant
Jump Links Pietzsch

Theta1C Orionis is a Terran Confederation star system in the Bing Quadrant of the Avalon Sector. It is home to a jump point leading to the Pietzsch system. Theta1C Orionis' star was a blue giant with a 15.0 R(sol) solar radius and a surface temperature of 38,600°K; it was unusual because it fell outside the main sequence on the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram.

In 2678, the system was included on the Terran Confederation Navy/Confederation Exploratory Services Akwende Projection.


Behind the Screens

Theta1C Orionis is a real star system, an O class blue main sequence star with a B-type main sequence companion approximately 1500 light-years from the Sun.