TCS General Powell

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TCS General Powell
Type Drayman-Class Transport
Primary user Terran Confederation

The TCS General Powell was a Drayman-Class Transport in the service of the Terran Confederation. It was configured for service as a troopship during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

In 2655, during the Siege of Firekka, the Kilrathi invaded the planet Firekka, home to the avian race known as the Firekkans. The planet was chosen to host the annual Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony, during which the Kilrathi would pay tribute to their war god in the hopes of being granted success in the war. The Terran Confederation planned to break the siege by disrupting the ceremony, which would cause the Kilrathi to believe they had lost the favor of their gods. It was decided that a massive Terran marine force would be deployed on the planet to assault the Kilrathi priestesses hosting the ceremony.

Several Drayman-Class Troopships were commissioned for the mission on Firekka. The TCS General Powell was one of them, carrying a crew of 25 and 150 marines. Unfortunately, the ship was intercepted on 2655.293 by a Kilrathi strike team, who boarded the ship and attacked its crew. Many marines were either killed or wounded, and the Kilrathi quickly commandeered the ship in the hopes of transporting it out of the system. Contact was lost with the vessel, alarming the Terran High Command.

Eight hours after the initial assault, the imprisoned marines broke out of the cargo hold and attacked the Kilrathi, sustaining heavy casualties. One of the marines, Major Kristi Marks of Company Zebra, sent a distress call to the TCS Tiger's Claw, which sent a wing to rescue the captured vessel. All wings were ordered to sweep the area in an attempt to locate the Powell. Pilots Christopher Blair and Etienne Montclair were ordered to fly KF-100 Dralthi IIs, hoping to sneak up on the Kilrathi escorts close enough to free the transport.

Blair eventually found the Powell, but by this point the marines had recaptured the vessel and the Kilrathi were attempting to destroy it. Fortunately, Blair and Montclair quickly destroyed the Kilrathi escorts, saving the Drayman and its complement of marines.

The General Powell was escorted back to the Tiger's Claw where all of its wounded personnel, including Major Marks, were transferred to the sick-bay for treatment. Company Zebra would later take part in the action on Firekka.

Behind the Scenes

The TCS General Powell is named for US General Colin Powell, who at the time Wing Commander was released was serving as the 12th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the US military. He served with distinction in the Gulf War and would later become Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.