Spaceborne Warning and Control Operation (Terran card)

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Spaceborne Warning and Control Operation
WCTCG Secret Orders Spaceborne Warning And Control Operation.png
Rarity Uncommon
Equivalent Spaceborne Warning and Control Operation

Spaceborne Warning and Control Operation is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Secret Orders
Side Indicator S05-UT Terran
Card Title Spaceborne Warning and Control Operation

ORDERS: Recon and patrol the area between the Carrier TCS Victory and the enemy carrier.

REQUIREMENTS: Select one fighter. The fighter must visit each of the five non-car-rier Nav Points, in any order. Place a counter at each Nav Point that the fight-er recons. Remove the counters if the chosen fighter is destroyed or when it completes its mission.

BENEFIT: If the mission us successful, all enemy fighters are immediately returned to the enemy's Ready Area.

Tolwyn, GC

WCCIC Review

Being able to recall all of the enemy's fighters is a very nice treat, but it's really useful only when used tactically. Just randomly having them go back isn't taking advantage of the card. I would recommend having your designated fighter patrol four of the nav points then have it hang back from the fifth (try to make the fifth close to home). Watch out for any incoming enemy fighters, otherwise you can choose when to move your recon fighter to the final nav point whenever you want. It could easily take half a dozen turns to get into position though, so you might be better off with brute force or another means of thwarting the enemy.
Rating : 5.5