Capture Transport (Kilrathi card)

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Capture Transport
WCTCG Secret Orders Kilrathi Capture Transport.png
Rarity Uncommon
Equivalent Capture Transport

Capture Transport is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Secret Orders
Side Indicator S03-UK Kilrathi
Card Title Capture Transport

ORDERS: Capture an enemy materiel Transport ship.
MBR>REQUIREMENTS: Enemy must have a Transport Nav Point Modifier at a Nav Point. If combat against Transport is suc-cessful, it is captured, not destroyed. Enemy player loses points as if Transport were destroyed.

BENEFIT: The Transport is now yours and is immediately deployed on any Nav Point. You receive points as indicated on the card. You do not lose points if Transport is destroyed. Transport is returned to owner when destroyed or at end of game.

Prince of Kilrah