Saranya Carr

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Saranya Carr

Saranya Carr (2629-) was a vidstar known for her role as Luna Jones on Luna Jones, JumpScout. Carr's appearance was described as exotic and she claimed not to be technically minded, unable to tell a nav computer from a dialogue tranceiver.

In April, 2654 Comm Relay announced that she would join a Terran Confederation Service Organization troupe for a morale-building visit to the TCS Tiger's Claw in the Vega Sector. She performed as part of four TCSO shows aboard the carrier on 2654.140.


You bet your life I'm happy to be working with the TCSO. I mean, you see Luna Jones blowing Kilrathi fuzzies out of space every week, but Saranya Carr doesn't know a nav computer from a dialogue transceiver. Since I can't help our fighting forces directly, I'm proud to be able to entertain and build morale. Besides I'm not completely unselfish. Perhaps I can persuade someone to give me a ride in one of those new Rapiers...

Behind the scenes

Saranya Carr was mentioned in the documentation "Claw Marks" for the first Wing Commander game.