Rhonda Jamison

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Rhonda Jamison
Allegiance Terran Confederation, Kilrathi Empire
Rank Foreign Minister of the Terran Confederation
Relations Son
Other work Kilrathi Double Agent

Rhonda Jamison was a female Terran who served in the 2660s as the Foreign Secretary of the Terran Confederation. She was also a double agent serving on the behalf of the Kilrathi Empire.


Rhonda Jamison was the Foreign Secretary of the Terran Confederation through the 2660s on the Cabinet of President Harold Rodham, and as such was one of his closest associates. Jamison was known to be a firm opponent of both the Terran-Kilrathi War, citing its enormous economic burden on the Confederation. She also had a lasting distrust of the military as a whole, believing them to be seeking greater authority by prolonging the Kilrathi War. Jamison had at least one son, who was believed to have been killed in action in the Third Enigma Campaign. His death at the hands of the Kilrathi further strengthened her opposition to the Kilrathi War.

In 2668, the Kilrathi Empire sued for peace with the Terran Confederation, which set the groundwork for the 2669 Armistice. Ms. Jamison was one of its most vocal supporters during peace negotiations with the Kilrathi delegation, and strongly advised President Rodham to ratify it. Openly, Ms. Jamison claimed that the War cost 8 trillion credits annually, and with the conflict having cost over 40 trillion credits up to that point in time, the Confederation would be sunk in debt for decades to come. Ms. Jamison quickly dismissed rumors that the Armistice was merely a ploy by the Kilrathi, and was eventually successful in convincing the President to authorize it.

Unbeknownst to most in the Confederation, Rhonda Jamison was actually a double agent working on the behalf of the Kilrathi Empire. She learned that her son was in fact alive and being held as a prisoner of war. When the Kilrathi displayed a holovid of him in his incarceration, she agreed to defect in an effort to secure her son's freedom. In negotiating the eventual passage of the Armistice, Jamison had left the Confederation vulnerable to attack.

The Terran Intelligence eventually discovered Rhonda Jamison's deception, and attempted to convince President Rodham of her treason. The President refused to cooperate until it was discovered that the Armistice was in fact a ruse and that the Kilrathi were staging an overwhelming assault on Earth. Upon repealing the Armistice, President Rodham demanded Ms. Jamison's resignation and face charges of treason, which she swiftly refused. President Rodham then announced his own resignation for his failure to recognize the Kilrathi's deceit, securing the resignation of his entire cabinet and Rhonda Jamison. Rodham ordered the full militarization of the Terran Confederation Navy in an effort to defend Earth.