Raul Dominguez

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Raul Dominguez
Allegiance Terran Confederation, Union of Border Worlds
Service/branch Confederation Fleet, Outer Worlds Fleet
Years of service 2640s, 2673
Rank Captain
Unit Outer Worlds Fleet, Border Worlds Militia
Commands BWS Intrepid
Battles/wars Border Worlds Conflict

Confederation Fleet officer; later Captain in the Border Worlds Militia. Dominguez graduated from the Academy two years ahead of William Eisen, and the two served together during the Venice Offensive. Following the war, Dominguez served in the Outer Worlds Fleet.

At the time of the Border Worlds conflict, Dominguez commanded BWS Intrepid, flagship of the Outer Worlds Fleet. Eisen, then captain of TCS Lexington, had been corresponding in secret with Admiral Vance Richards in the Border Worlds, covertly recording transmissions from a special operations group stationed aboard his ship. Following Lexington's transfer to Third Fleet and Eisen's subsequent removal of command and arrest by Hugh Paulsen, Richards, familiar with Eisen's history with Dominguez, tasked him and Intrepid to extricate Eisen and recover his data.

At some point during the operation, Intrepid was set upon by two Confederation cruisers, Achilles and Dornier, and their fighter escorts. In a running battle through three systems, Intrepid and her squadron managed to fend off their pursuers and recover Eisen safely, but Captain Dominguez was killed, victim of a torpedo strike launched from Achilles.