Public Address (Wing Commander Prophecy)

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This page collects all of the Wing Commander Prophecy public address announcements. These play during gameflow. They are spoken by 1st Lieutenant Liam Anderson.


Speech Download Transcript
00000193.wav Decontam chutes six through nine are offline.
00000195.wav Communications grid is down. Tech teams to alpha and gamma sections at once.
00000197.wav Attention. Attention. There is a fluctuation in the main power grid. Closing cooling channels two and seven. Matrix array is offline. Tech teams to bridge at once.
00000199.wav Diagnostic team to the bridge at once.
00000201.wav Chef Hermann, report to the galley.
00000203.wav All science personnel to the research deck at once.
00000205.wav Decryption team please report to comm rooms one and three.
00000207.wav Med team please report to bio section at once.
00000209.wav Flight crew please report to cargo bay number three.
00000211.wav We need damage control and a medical team to the flight deck at once.
00000213.wav Attention. We have multiple inbound enemy contacts. All pilots to your ships to intercept.
00000215.wav Enemy contacts closing. Launch interceptors.
00000217.wav Scramble all fighters. Clear decks seven and nine for incoming delta and gamma flights.
00000219.wav All pilots stand by for immediate launch.