Proximity Missile

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Maelstrom class Proximity Missile
Type missile
Manufacturer Veltek
Introduction 2790
Damage 2,000
Max Velocity 880 KPS
Acceleration 616 KPS2
Max Y/P/R 100 DPS
Lock Time 3 seconds
Cost 210 credits
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Maelstrom class Proximity Missile was a missile developed by Veltek. The Maelstrom combines a proximity fuse, a more powerful warhead and a larger blast radius than conventional missiles to outmaneuver countermeasures. The missile was developed in response to research which indicated that 47.9% of combat missile launches fail to destroy their target due to the missile being out-maneuvered, the deployment of decoys, or simply an insufficiently powerful warhead.

Your Guide to the Universe

Detonates when something comes within range, killing indiscriminately. Be extremely cautious using this near wingmen and cargo ships.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

This was our test pilot's favorite. It completely destroys a Military Destroyer, is cheaper than both the Disrupter and Python, and works better than either of these missiles. Extended (gleeful) testing found the Proximity to be extremely fast, with a slightly larger blast radius than most missiles, so you don't have to aim as accurately.

Unfortunately, this wonderful missile doesn't become available until you've read the news bulletin entitled "The missile that won't miss."