Patrick Bradshaw

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Patrick Bradshaw
??? - 2673
Callsign Moose
Place of birth Osteopiglia
Place of death Peleus System
Allegiance Union of Border Worlds
Service/branch Border Worlds Militia
Years of service ??? - 2673

Patrick "Moose" Bradshaw, Border Worlds Militia pilot, born on Osteopiglia, served on the BWS Intrepid during the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673.

Bradshaw flew a Banshee on a routine patrol in the Peleus System, alongside Bob-O-Matte and Hacker. During this patrol, Bradshaw 's squadron was attacked by a pair of Black Lance pilots flying Confederation F-103 Excaliburs. Bob-O-Matte was killed first, so Bradshaw and Hacker broke formation to attack. Bradshaw engaged one of the Excaliburs and launched a missile against it, however, jamming by Black Lance forces in the area forced it towards Hacker's vessel instead. Hacker disengaged from battle and attempted to evade the missile, but was ultimately shot down.

Bradshaw desperately tried to attack again, but by this point the enemy had jammed his weapons systems. He was then shot down and died when his craft exploded.

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

Moose is a big, quiet, nice guy, although most people find his size intimidating. In terms of combat experience, he's logged thousands of hours of combat time, but most of the actual combat was the “hot and heavy” variety. He became a fighter because he wanted to see the galaxy first hand, but also “wants to make a difference.” He was the first in his family to enter service rather than work in an industrial field.

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