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Type Torpedo Bomber
Primary User Kilrathi Empire
Additional Users Mercenaries

Paktahn Target Designation, circa 2669.

The Paktahn is a Kilrathi bomber design that served during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

The Paktahn is a powerful bomber model that, like many Kilrathi designs, became the bane of the Terran Confederation. The Paktahn carries a large payload and a plethora of lasers which makes it specially suited for attacks against Terran capital ships, transports, and space stations, as well as being a formidable fighter that could prove lethal to pilots attempting to assault it head on. Heavily armored and equipped with a lethal rear turret, the Paktahn could absorb a great deal of damage before falling to enemy fire. Its only real weakness is its low speed and maneuverability, leaving it unable to outrun most Terran fighters without the use of its afterburners.

The Paktahn is most famous in public eyes for its role in the destruction of the TCS Behemoth, an event that was only made public knowledge after the end of the Kilrathi War. The design saw a renaissance during the Nephilim War, when General Wright suggested creating a cloak-modified variation of the Paktahn in the midst of the Ardai Campaign. Field-modified Paktahns formed the basis for what would become the Paktahn Phantom, which proved itself quickly in battle, giving rise to the Paktahn Tusk, a mine-layer variant based on the Phantom. Unlike most mine-layers, however, the Tusk is not an easy target for a fighter, capable of combining a deployed turret, standard bomber turrets, and regular guns to trap and destroy enemy fighters. The Paktahn Mauler, meanwhile, is the heaviest Paktahn variant to ever exist possessing an extremely heavy armament for one purpose: the total destruction of enemy capital ships and bases.

Variant Comparison

Stat\Variant Paktahn Phantom Tusk Mauler
Length: 37 meters 37 meters 37 meters 37 meters
Mass: 30 metric tonnes 30 metric tonnes 35 metric tonnes 45 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 340 kps 300 kps 260 kps 215 kps
Max Afterburner velocity: 600 kps 585 kps 495 kps 410 kps
Acceleration: 100 k/s^2 70 k/s^2 70 k/s^2 70 k/s^2
Max Y/P/R: 35/40/35 deg/s 75/75/75 deg/s 65/65/65 deg/s 50/50/50 deg/s
Shields: 320 cm (front/rear) 370 cm 320 cm 370 cm
Armor: 180 cm /140 cm (front/rear) 1000 cm 1200 cm 1300 cm
Guns: Plasma Guns (4), Ion Guns (2) Mass Driver Cannon (2), Plasma Gun (2) Meson Blaster (2), Ionic Pulse Cannon (2) Tachyon Gun (2), Neutron Gun (2)
Missile Hardpoints: 2x3 FF, 2x4 FF 5x20 Paw DF, 1x4 Torpedo 5x20 Paw DF, 3x5 Porcupine Mines 5x20 Paw DF, 2x4 Torpedo
Missile Decoys: 6 yes no yes
Jump Capable: No Yes Yes Yes