Gilgamesh-class destroyer

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Type Destroyer
Primary User Terran Confederation
Ships of the Line Hector

William Tell

General Characteristics
Length 312.1 meters
Mass 10,000 tonnes
Acceleration Poor k/s2
Cruise 150 kps
Maximum 250 kps
Flak Cannons (2)

Anti-Matter Guns (2)

Jump Drive Yes
Front 250 cm
Rear 250 cm
Right 200 cm
Left 200 cm
Gilgamesh-Class Destroyer Target Designation, circa 2665

The Gilgamesh-class destroyer was a line of destroyers that served the Terran Confederation during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

The Gilgamesh was a venerable class of warships that saw much action throughout the majority of the Terran-Kilrathi War. It was built with the same purpose as most other destroyers; as fast, heavily-armored warships suited for fleet carrier escort and offensive operations against Kilrathi warships. Gilgamesh destroyers were designed to operate effectively on their own on the battlefield, and have proven their effectiveness against the Kilrathi invaders.

The Gilgamesh is similar in role to the Exeter-Class Destroyer. The Gilgamesh saw much action during the Enigma Sector Campaign, which saw the loss of several such warships against the Kilrathi. Among the Gilgamesh-Class destroyers lost in battle was the TCS William Tell, escorting the TCS Concordia.