Jace Dillon

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Jace Dillon
Callsign Flash
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force, Home Guard
Rank Major
Unit Flight Wing 36, TCS Victory

Jace Dillon was a Confederation pilot who served during the Terran-Kilrathi War.


Jace Dillon enlisted in the Terran Confederation Space Force during the Terran-Kilrathi War, and on his first day at the Academy was bestowed with the callsign "Flash". Dillon graduated through the ranks with exemplary results and became a pilot for the Terran Confederation, and by 2669 was a high-ranking test pilot with the rank of Major.

Dillon was characterised by his peers as a typical Academy "hot shot": a new graduate, cocky, arrogant, and exhibiting a flamboyant flying style that preceded his reputation. As a result of having been entrusted with the testing and fielding of the Confederation's newest and most advanced fighters, Dillon displayed an egotistical streak, refusing to answer to the conventional chain of command but instead reporting directly to Admiral Tolwyn.

In 2669, Major Dillon was assigned to host the flight tests for the F-103 Excalibur, the Confederation's most advanced fighter at the time. These tests were carried out on the TCS Victory in the Tamayo System, where he met Colonel Christopher Blair. The command crew of the Victory were displeased with Dillon's refusal to follow orders other than those coming from Confederation High Command.

During these trials, the Victory was ambushed by a large Kilrathi strike force, prompting a scramble launch to defend against the attack. Major Dillon was sleeping in the barracks at the time, but even after hearing the alarm, he perceived no need to come to the aid of the Victory's defence. Although the Victory successfully defended against the attack, the crew was later outraged to learn of Dillon's inaction, and Blair personally reprimanded him for his behavior. Dillon was unmoved however, showing little concern for the incident. Colonel Blair accused the young pilot of cowardice, but Dillon maintained his position that he had orders which prevented him from flying beyond his normal test duties.

A short time later, the Kilrathi launched an invasion of Tamayo II, prompting intervention by the Victory. Blair had been granted permission by Chief Technician Rachel Coriolis to fly Dillon's Excalibur prototype against the Kilrathi. Dillon, however, was unimpressed, and accused of the Colonel of meddling with Confederation affairs. He then challenged the Colonel to a simulator duel to prove who was the better pilot. Blair accepted on the condition that if Dillon lost, he would file for a transfer to the Victory. Dillon agreed, assured of his victory.

Colonel Blair won the simulator duel against Dillon, and Dillon subsequently filed for the transfer as promised. Dillon was reassigned to the Victory as a combat pilot and later showed contrition for his behavior, promising to prove his abilities to Colonel Blair on the battlefield. Dillon was killed in action in the Delius System.