First Contact - Iason Engagement - 2629

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First Contact
Part of Terran-Kilrathi War
Date 2629.105
Location Vega Sector
Result Kilrathi Victory
Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
Commanders and leaders
Commander Jedora Andropolos (K.I.A.) Leader Brath'kar nar Caxki
TCS Iason KIS K'rath'kan
Casualties and losses
TCS Iason
First Contact incident

Iason encounters a spacecraft of unknown origin on 2629.105. Commander Jedora Andropolos on board Iason transmits a wide-band, non-verbal greeting and waits for a response. Less than twenty minutes later, the still-unidentified ship opens fire with full lasers, completely destroying Iason and its crew. Although the identity of the attacking ship is never definitively established, Confederation space tracking computers point to a possible point of origin from a previously unexplored planet, soon to be known by its native name, Kilrah.

Voices of War

2629.105 (Confederation)

The Terran Confederation expands exploration and colonization efforts and penetrates Vega Sector. On 2629.105 (March 16, 2629 Terran time) the Iason encounters a spacecraft of unknown origin. Commander Jedora Andropolos transmits an international wide-band, non-verbal greeting designed by the Committee for Interaction with Alien Intelligences.

Andropolos keeps Iason's guns off-line for the TCN-recommended 20 minutes and awaits a response from the alien vessel. Finally, without warning, the unidentified ship opens fire with full lasers, utterly destroying Iason and all hands.

Orbit 151, Sun 5105 (Kilrathi)

While establishing footholds in the recently explored Krat'na Sector, the destroyer K'rath'kan detects an intruder. Leader Brath'kar nar Caxki reports that the unidentified ship is attempting to neutralize his shields with wide-band radiation. When the enemy fails to leave the area of trespass after three-eighths of an hour, the destroyer opens its guns to eliminate the threatening vessel.