Firekka (star system)

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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Antares Quadrant
Locations Firekka
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Firekka is a star system on the frontier of the Terran Confederation in the Epsilon Sector. It is home to the planet of Firekka, the homeworld to the bird-like Firekkans. It is ruled by the Teehyn Rhee, or Flock Leader, of the Firekkans.

Firekka was the sole home world of the Firekkan race up until 2678. It is home to millions of native Firekkans and was first discovered by the Terran Confederation prior to the year 2653. During this year, the Confederation formed an alliance with the friendly Firekkans and pledged to defend them in the ongoing Terran-Kilrathi War. Firekka formally joined the Confederation in 2655.

Firekka was invaded by the Kilrathi Empire in 2655 by multiple fleets from across the Epsilon Sector, resulting in the enslavement of the entire Firekkan population. Firekka was chosen to host the annual Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony, in which the Kilrathi prayed to the war god Sivar to ensure victory against the Terrans. The Terran Confederation worked in co-operation with the Firekkans to expel the invaders, eventually liberating the system when the ceremony was disrupted by a force of Confederation marines and Firekkan insurgents.

Firekka remained loyal to the Terran Confederation until 2668, in which it withdrew itself from the union in protest against the signing of the False Armistice with the Kilrathi Empire. Firekka remained friendly to the Terrans despite the dissolution of the Terran-Firekkan union.

In 2678, Firekka became the capital of the Firekkan Planetary Alliance after the Firekkans colonized the nearby system of T'kirsa.

In 2694, Firekka was assaulted by a massive Nephilim invasion force led by Tiamat-Class Dreadnoughts. A successful holding action by the TCS Port Broughton demolished this fleet and saved Firekka, but at the cost of the vessel and much of its crew.