FRLS Themistocles

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FRLS Themistocles
(ex-TCS Andromache)
Type Cruiser (LCA)
Primary User Free Republic of the Landreich
Jump Drive Yes

Free Republic of the Landreich Navy cruiser, ex-TCS Andromache. The ship was purchased from the Confederation following the Kilrathi War and extensively refitted. Under FRLN colors, she ferried Jason Bondarevsky, Vance Richards and Geoffrey Tolwyn from Moonbase Tycho to Landreich in preparation for Project Goliath.

Themistocles was part of the Independence battle group which attacked Zachary Banfield's Guild base on Hellhole, in reprisal for the destruction of FRLS Sindri during the Guild's botched preemptive strike against Mjolnir. Following the Ragark Clan's incursion into Landreich space, she participated in the rescue of the Mjolnir from the Baka Kar system.