Free Republic of the Landreich Navy

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The Free Republic of the Landreich Navy is the naval branch of the Landreich armed services. Its composition and command structure are very similar to that of the Terran Confederation. It was created from the original Landreich Militia Forces. It served the Landreich in many famous campaigns from the outset of the Kilrathi War.

The Landreich Navy was under the jurisdiction of Landreich President Maximillian Kruger, who often personally accompanied the Navy's various military operations. The Navy was comprised of many vessels procured from the Terran Confederation and even the Empire of Kilrah, which were later converted and rechristened for Landreich service. A notable example is the FRLS Mjollnir, which originally served as the KIS Karga. The famed Terran carrier TCS Tarawa eventually entered service as the FRLS Independence.

Perhaps the most famous role of the Landreich Navy is the 2668 Free Corps mission during which the former TCS Tarawa and TCS Normandy entered into Kilrathi space. Using top secret communications technology and stolen stealth technology they were able to discover the hidden Hakaga fleet then under construction.