F-97 Wraith

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F-97 Wraith
Type Medium Fighter
Manufacturer Terran Tech Laboratories
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction 2669 (Production Model)
General Characteristics
Length 35 meters
Mass 6.7 tonnes
Crew 1 Pilot
Maximum Yaw 5 dps
Acceleration Excellent k/s2
Cruise 450 kps
Maximum 595 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1595 kps

  • Reaper Cannons (2),
  • Particle Cannons (2)
Default Missile Loadout

  • Leech Missiles (2),
  • Spiculum IR Missiles (2),
  • Dart DF Missiles (6)
Chaff Pods 2
Cloaking Device No
Jump Drive Yes
Fore 400 cm equivalent
Aft 400 cm equivalent
Right 300 cm equivalent
Left 300 cm equivalent
Front 325 cm
Rear 325 cm
Right 325 cm
Left 325 cm

F-97 Wraith Target Identification, circa 2669.

The Wraith was developed by Terran Tech Laboratories in New York in the late 2660s. The fighter produced was fast, agile and most importantly heavily armed with guns and missiles. The Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy's CyberSchool's holographic simulator began qualifying pilots on Wraith prototypes in 2667. The larger production variant of the Wraith entered service by early 2669. The TCS Lexington received a Wraith squadron in response to the Empire of Kilrah's deployment of Shok'lar-class stealth fighters to the Jakal System. The Wraith briefly held a record for being the fastest ship in known space. By 2669, the title had been passed to an F-27 Arrow V variant. Two important weapons systems were originally developed for the Wraith: the Reaper Cannon and the Leech Missile. A pair of Wraiths found their way into the hands of a pirate group in the Evian System in 2669.

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