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Creator PopsiclePete
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Filesize 105000 kB

With this package, installing the game and fan-made OpenGL Patch is a breeze on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The full list of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: Free disk space now correctly reported.
  • Fix: Shortcuts created in correct location.
  • Improvement: Windows 95 compatibility mode automatically set.
  • Improvement (optional): Skip registration procedure.
  • Improvement (optional): Install and enable OpenGL renderer.
  • Improvement (optional): Pre-install Episodes 2 through 7.

Installing episodes 2 through 7 immediately comes at a cost -- you miss out on the splash screens between episodes. Secret Ops requires a registration key from the (now defunct) official website. A Key Generator[1] is available, but you now have the option of skipping this step. The OpenGL Patch lets you play in higher resolutions, replaces the original starfields with fancier ones and adds graphical effects that are normally available only on 3Dfx hardware. Players would also do well to check out Shades' extensive Secret Ops Guide. It includes detailed mission walkthroughs, complete stats, game history and more!

Secret Ops Bundle