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Creator PopsiclePete, Pedro
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Filesize 17706 kB

OpenGL Patch - v1.2.2

This patch is an additional optional graphics library (GL), compatible with both Prophecy and Secret Ops, and is ported from the release of Standoff episode 5. In principle it is designed to remove problems experienced when using Direct3D such as 32bit support for ATI cards, and removal of texture glitches, most notable on things such as lens flares. Full transparency is supported, mimicking 3DFX. Some other improvements are also available, including the option to scale backgrounds and FMV to fill the screen in hi-resolution.

What it does

  • The OpenGL mode allows to play WCP and SO in virtually any resolution your monitor can support, accommodating widescreen monitors with black bars on the side if needed.
  • The original art and movies are upscaled to keep their original proportions when playing in any resolution. The package also includes hi-res art files made from scratch to better scale to higher-resolutions.
  • Plays without the DirectX mode texture alignment bugs and re-implement the graphic options that were previously only usable in Glide mode.
  • Cosmetic enhancements, such as the enhanced starfields, additive lighting effect, specular lighting and bloom effects.

This release supports HCl's lastest Enhancement Pack, including DVD playback.

New in v1.2.2

Fixed an API bug that patched out the first files in DATA.TRE, making WCP crash when your launch from the Midway with super-alien gun. Added a retro-fix to repair the affected DATA.TRE for existing installs.

New in v1.2.1

Thanks to HCl's help, this version is now compatible with HCl's Enhancement Pack DVD patch !

New in v1.2

  • Fixed compatibility for Intel onboard video and some ATI cards
  • Fixed some other compatibility issues
  • Added support for lighting effects: bloom and automatic specular
  • Added high-resolution art, some from Standoff, some built just for this patch

Known issues

  • If HDR is enabled and the player triggers missile VDU mode (Ctrl+F8), cockpit elements fade while lighting on the cockpit struts become excessive.


  • Alex Barnfield (Pedro): Graphics Library programming
  • Pierre Deshaies (PopsiclePete): Management of the patch, file tweeks and hacks, setup utility and installer
  • Robbie Fowler (Filler): New high-res cockpit elements (HUDs, Auto light, etc)
  • Eder Vieito: various art and tweeks made for Standoff

Thanks to HCl and PopsiclePete for their documentation of the graphics interface, Quarto, Eder, Dundradal and AD for testing it ! Special thanks to HCl for making his Enhancement Pack compatible through the successive iterations of this patch !


  • Launching the game from the CD might not work, unless you manually set the compatibility for "launcher.exe", "setup.exe" and "prophecy.exe" ON THE CD DRIVE to Win98. The launcher on the hard drive has been edited to add the OpenGL setup too, so we recommend you use that one.
  • If you want to change back the GL that is used by WCP and SO into DirectX or Glide again, just run Launcher.exe and click "Select video card".