Durango-class heavy destroyer

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Durango-class heavy destroyer
WC4 BW Intrepid.png
Type Heavy Destroyer/Light Carrier
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Union of Border Worlds
General Characteristics
Spacecraft Carried Light

Jump Drive Yes
Durango-class heavy destroyer/carrier Target Designation, circa 2673.
Source Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom
Wing Commander: The Price of Freedom

The Durango-class heavy destroyer was a class of Heavy Destroyers that once saw extensive service with the Terran Confederation. Surviving examples now serve with the Union of Border Worlds.

The Durango was a pre-Kilrathi War design that saw action against the Kilrathi during the earlier years of the Terran-Kilrathi War. In time, however, they became increasingly dated in the face of newer, superior warships, and by 2663 were considered obsolete. However, at least one Durango continued to serve in the Confederation Outer Worlds Fleet. The most notable of these was the TCS Delphi, which continued its service in the Union of Border Worlds Militia as the BWS Intrepid.

During the Border Worlds Conflict in 2673, the BWS Intrepid spearheaded the Union's effort to combat the Black Lance, who sought to instigate war between the Union and the Terran Confederation. It was the crew and the commanders of the Intrepid who would ultimate identify the Black Lance as the true culprit of the conflict and expose its illegal activities to the Confederation Assembly, thus preventing a potential full-scale war.

A second example of this class, the BWS Tango was active during operations in Speradon to capture critical war materials in the campaign against the elusive Black Lance.