BWS Tango

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BWS Tango
Type Fast transport
Primary User Union of Border Worlds
Service Border Worlds Conflict
Source Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

Wing Commander: The Price of Freedom

“Maniac, you’ll also be escorting the BWS Tango. She’s a fast transport with four tractor beams rigged behind her main cargo bay. Once you've cleaned out the defenses, you’ll go after the fighters. Your ships will be equipped with a new weapon, what the eggheads are calling a ‘leech gun.’ Basically, it drains their power, scrambles their systems, and leaves them dead for a time. You’ll use the guns to sweep the area and zap any fighters you can. The Tango’ll then make a passthrough and rake in everything she can carry. Once she’s loaded, or things get too hot, you’ll smoke whatever’s left and bug out.”