Doomsday Evacuation

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The Doomsday Evacuation was a rumored military plan that was said to be in the works for the Terran Confederation during the later stages of the Terran-Kilrathi War.

By 2669, the Confederation was facing imminent defeat in the war against the Imperial Kilrathi, and as the Armed Forces placed tighter controls on war reports from the frontier, rumors began over how the government intended to respond to the increasingly desperate situation. Reports emerged that the government was planning a "doomsday evacuation" of Earth in the event that the war could not be won, and that the "seeds of humanity" would be replanted in a distant galaxy so that the human race could start anew.

Ultimately, such an evacuation plan - if it existed - was never implemented, as the Kilrathi War ended in a Confederation victory with the destruction of Kilrah in 2669.