DVD Movie Upgrade Patch

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Creator HCl
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Filesize 42 kB

This file is part of the Prophecy DVD Upgrade bundle.


New features:

  • Some bugfixes
  • Should work fine with the OpenGL driver, both in full screen and windowed mode.
  • Looks for movies both on the installation directory and on the DVD drive detected by WCP. If you want to burn a DVD with WCP and the HD movies, now is the time!

Please note: Direct3D and Glide support have been dropped. This shouldn't be an issue, however, since i don't think anyone is using these anymore (strictly speaking, Glide mode *should* work, but hasn't really been tested with the new code)

To install the new patch I suggest the following steps:

  1. Unzip Enhancement Pack into your Prophecy install directory (do not run install.exe... if you did run it, just delete highres.txt and patch.tre to disable the old Direct3D highres code)
  2. Install the OpenGL Patch
  3. Copy the new WCP DVD DLL, it will overwrite a DLL from the Enhancement Pack.

This should get the OpenGL, DVD and Multiplayer patches cooperating with each other without issues, so just run Prophecy.exe or Multiplayer.exe as usual.

There should be an installer later on with all these patches combined, but there's still some details to sort with the authors of the OpenGL patch, since the version currently under development apparently does something differently that the current DVD patch doesn't like too much.

November 2013 Update

  • Improved Wine compatibility such that the patch should work correctly in Linux.
  • Updated subtitle code which should work better in newer Windows releases.

Prophecy DVD Upgrade Bundle