D462 144W

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D462 144W.png
Type CR1A Gea MK II

D462_144W is a Universal Freight owned CR1A Gea MK II cargo ship which is believed destroyed or missing. It was last seen on a run from Anhur to Desolia two months before the Canera crash. A military report indicates that a mayday message was received from the captain but that military rescuec raft could find no trace of the ship at its last reported position. It is on the military's missing craft list.

BBS Entry

REG No: D462_144W
OWNER: Universal Freight
TYPE: Gea MK II Class
BACKGROUND: Cargo ship believed destroyed or missing. Last seen making run to Anhur from Desolia two months ago. Military report indicates that although a mayday message was recieved from the captain, military rescue craft could find no trace at its last reported position. Military has it on it's missing craft list.