M835 235M

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M835 235M.png
Type CR3A Ilia MK II

Under the registration M835_235M listed cargo transport "Canera" was known across the Tri-System for the most devastating crash in the recent time. It was especially prominent for the mysterious circumstances that led to the crash and which took a long time to investigate by official as well as private parties. Latter most notably by Ser Lev Arris.

BBS Entry

REG No: M835_235M
OWNER: Universal Freight
TYPE: Ilia MK II Class
BACKGROUND: Cargo transport "Canera" crashed while attempting to land on Crius. Military report indicates two unidentified craft attacked Canera, disabling flight controls and leaving it in critical condition. This action led to Canera's destruction, crashing into Mendra City causing 1,347 casualties. The only survivor from the crash was Ser Lev Arris. Among those who died on the Canera was leading industrialist and media tycoon Larn Regis. Any parties with cargo interests from this ship should contact Hal Taffin, the major salvage contractor.