Coolant Unit Mk I

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Coolant Unit Mk I
Cost 6,000 credits
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening


As it is in Heaven


Coolant Unit MK I CUL1
Do your lasers start to melt in the heat of battle? This coolant unit helps your lasers to dissipate heat. Cooling process increased by 30%. (51)

Your Guide to the Universe

A coolant unit helps your lasers dissipate heat, keeping them from overheating when used heavily. A Mk I upgrade increases your ship's base cooling speed by 35%.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

Coolant Units increase the speed at which your guns cool down, making them less likely to overheat. This means you can fire longer, without having to break off and wait for your guns to cool down.

If you have anything more than a couple of stream lasers, you probably need a coolant. Getting a good Coolant Unit becomes particularly important as you begin to load multiple guns - the speed at which they heat up increases immensely. Also, if you like long-range combat, you should definitely look into getting a Coolant Unit. It's harder to be accurate at longer distances, and long-range gunners generally end up firing at their targets for more extended periods of time.

Mk I - Increase in Coolant Rate: 30%