Concordia-class supercruiser

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Type Supercruiser
Primary User Terran Confederation
General Characteristics
Length 855 meters
Mass 73,000 tonnes
Crew 700 officers and crew
Spacecraft Carried Light fighter complement
Cruise 50 kps
Maximum 100 kps

Default Missile Loadout
50 Torpedo tubes
Jump Drive Yes
Fore Meson shields cm equivalent
Aft Meson shields cm equivalent
Front 35 cm
Rear 35 cm
Right 30 cm
Left 30 cm
Source Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook

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Confederation Handbook

Concordia-Class Supercruiser

Currently the largest battleship in Confed's fleet, the Concordia class was originally developed during the Pilgrim War. The original Concordia was named the Confed flagship in 2645 and serves as a mobile command center for Naval operations. Defended by 30 point- defense missiles (for fighter defense) and 4 primary antimatter guns, the main offensive asset of the Concordia class is its 50 torpedo tubes, capable of launching both ship -to -ship and ship -to- planet munitions, including strategic weapons. It also mounts a small fighter deck capable of carrying a light squadron of about 20 medium fighters or fighter /bombers.

In keeping with its fleet command function, the Concordia class mounts enhanced long range communications and sensor packages. Standard protocol calls for a Concordia -class ship to travel in company with at least two destroyers and a cruiser (or larger battleship). Transports frequently convoy with a Concordia -class ship, since its fleet command function makes it a natural focus for ship tenders and other resupply operations.

The Concordia class takes 700 officers and crew, plus additional space for up to 350 working supercargo (command support and fleet operations personnel, plus a full hospital facility with a standing staff of 75). There's additional space for up to 300 hospital patients and up to 60 prisoners in the brig, plus limited accommodations for non -crew passengers.

Length: 855 meters Mass: 73,000 tonnes Max Velocity: 100 kps Cruise Velocity: 50 kps Weapons: 30 Point Defense, 4 Antimatter Guns, 50 Torpedo Tubes, Armor: Fore and aft meson shields, 35 cm fore /aft armor, 30 cm port/starboard armor