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The Team

Privateer 2: The Darkening development team! Take a close look at the details, too--there's an area on the wall for each Tri-System planet! Special thanks to the always-graciou

  • Back Row: Mark Goldsworthy, Phil Meller, Paul Hughes, Tony Stockton, Nick Goldsworthy, Jason Reeve, Adam Medhurst, John Miles, Erin Roberts
  • Front Row: Paul Chapman, Nick Elms, Mike Cottam, Chris Battson, Dan Blackstone

You've seen their picture take a look at their cartoon equivalents

From the Origin Museum -- a picture of an official Privateer 2 crew jacket! Check it out:


These Privateer 2 cast photos were originally posted to the now defunct Privateer 2: The Darkening official website. Now, after nine long years, they're finally back in one place!


Concept Art

  • The never-used box cover for 'Privateer: The Darkening'! The file, dated May 13, 1996, proves once and for all that Electronic Arts once seriously planned to release it without the '2'.


  • Download the PDF of all the P2 Storyboards HERE


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