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Privateer / Righteous Fire

Black Market goods like Brillance and Ultimate can be found at pirates bases throughout the Gemini Sector. Possession of these items can be detected by Confederation and Militia forces. Ships detected carrying contraband are destroyed on sight.

Plaything can be acquired and distributed at non-pirate bases and does not invoke the wrath of the authorities.

Privateer 2

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

Seeking to end bloody raids and fly-by shootings, the laws outlawing the purchase and sale of Black Market goods were repealed nearly a century ago. In a typical burst of bureaucratic inefficiency, however, the CIS lobby successful thwarted the repeal of laws concerning the transport or use of these goods. As such, it is legal to buy and sell them, but not legal to transport or actually use them. Hey, some see this as a problem, others a business opportunity.

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