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BSE Virus Transmitter Mk II
Damage Disables Flight Control Systems
Range 200 - 300 km
Refire Rate Once Per Minute (Four total)
Cost 18,000 credits
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

As it is in Heaven

BSE Virus Transmitter MK II BSE2
A computer virus that is transmitted along with the ship ID signal. Has a greater chance of shutting your enemy down for a while.

Your Guide to the Universe

BSE Virus Transmitter Mk II

Same as Mk I model, but with a more updated virus database less likely to be caught in a filter screen.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

Viral weaponry got its start when some clever 13-year-old figured out a way to encode and transmit an "activate emergency sprinkler system" computer voice command inside an ordinary ID signal. This is the basic principle behind the BSE, except that the virus encoded in the ID signal can completely shut down an enemy's flight control systems for about ten seconds. It can also shut down a capital ship's turrets. The newer model has a greater chance of successfully disabling its target.

A BSE unit can be used four times and requires at least a minute to recharge. (It is difficult to gauge whether the BSE has recharged because there aren't any visual cues.) It can be used at ranges of 200 to 300 klicks.

BSE II - Chance of Success: 75%

The BSE I has a "trigger safety" feature that prevents the signal from transmitting if you do not have a target or your target is out of range. This was designed to help beginners get used to the system. There is no such safety mechanism on the BSE II model.

The BSE II model becomes available only after you've read the news bulletin entitled "New 'virus weapon' worries police."