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It's been some time since Aaron Thomas' awesome WC4 Homeworld 2 mod was last updated. L.I.F. was so impressed with the project that he decided to add a few features himself. Here's what's new:

This file is a modification to the already awesome Wing Commander IV mod to Homeworld 2 by Aaron Thomas, a.k.a. czacen. The weaponry of both strikecrafts and capships were tweaked to modify the gameplay as follows :

  • Capships and fighters are now able to shoot at and destroy capmiss and torpedoes. In order to allow that, let the ship in offensive stance without a direct attack order (the turrets would then shoot at the targets and ignore the torps. Oh, and enemy fighters near the AAA seem to nastily busy the guns, allowing a clear path for the torpedoes.). It should give a new life to our beloved Southampton, Talahassee and Caernaven (the latter becoming more useful as a mobile AA battery).
  • Fighter and bomber guns are no longer able to shoot at capship vessels (destroyers, cruisers, carriers and so on), limiting their target range at frigates, transports and strikecrafts. So, bombers and capships are the only weapons against capships : no Excalibur harrasment on your poor little Durango strike carrier (those phase shields are here for a reason)

I hope HW2 players will enjoy these new gameplay rules.

I'd like to give my thanks to Aaron Thomas and the CIC Staff, for their fantastic work for the community.

You can download this version of the mod here (145 MB). L.I.F. also provided installation instructions:

  • Download the file from Confed #1 website (the CIC).
  • Move the .rar file to the "Data" folder of your "Homeworld 2" folder.
  • Right-click on your Homeworld 2 shortcut and add at the end of the "target" field : -mod WC4S_target_acquired.rar
  • Launch the game through this new shortcut.

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