Talon With Which to Catch its Prey Update ID

There's good news and bad news out of the Wing Commander Standoff mod team. In a recent news update they've officially announced that the final episode of the mod will not be out in 2008... but it is close (bonus good news: they will be updating their site more frequently in the coming weeks)! Here's the status report:
On the progress page, you can see that the cutscene/briefing voiceovers have turned blue, and "additional videos" has turned green. "Additional graphics" remain green, but they're very, very close to blue - they should be greenish blue, really. I've just finished the very last of the cockpits - every flyable ship now has a cockpit. So, if you've ever wanted to see the inside of a Talon, head on over to the screenshots page. Also, a few more ships have appeared on the progress page, and immediately went blue - these are the very, very final additions to Standoff, though. These new ships include the Salthi, Dralthi and Bloodfang. These ships aren't really slated to appear in the campaign, but the Dralthi and Salthi at least will show up in sim missions. And of course, like any other ship, you'll be able to admire them in the in-game ship database (...and the website's ships page too, when I have a spare moment to update it).

Missions are making progress too - Pierre has recently been concentrating on scoreboard integration in the remaining six missions, while Quarto and Pedro are currently working on the winning path missions. Altogether, there are still four missions that have not yet been started, but next week that number should drop down to three.

Recent Updates

Join The Terran Confederation Space Force!

FekLeyrTarg has released his mini Wing Commander fan film. It takes the form of a recruiting commercial that could be used during the Kilrathi War. There's a nice mix of assets here from a Privateer-style building to Sabre fighters to the hefty Rigakh class cruiser. (2018-06-19)

WCSO Model Upgrade Pack Adds Comm Relay Station

DefianceIndustries has completed the first large scale base for the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. This is a cool design, and the tiny little flight deck is a nice touch. In addition to making it much more detailed and gorgeous to look at, he's also significantly amped up the destroyability. (2018-06-18)

Happy Father's Day

Many countries celebrate Father's Day today, and we know a lot of Wing Commander fans have recently become dads out there. My little one just turned 16 months old, and I'm happy to that see she grabs a controller and starts pushing buttons whenever she gets a chance.The CIC is more of a news site than a blog, but it's also a community hub more than anything, and it feels right to share this personal story with the community. (2018-06-17)

The Attack Begins... Soon

There's tons of great Wing Commander fan projects out there, but it's not every day that we get a teaser for a new one. FekLeyrTarg has had a hand in quite a few different endeavors over the years, and his latest will be a new short fan film. Projects like these have been proposed a number of times over the years, but we haven't seen very many come to fruition. (2018-06-16)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Surprised Koala

Too soon? (2018-06-16)

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