Point of Origin: Vol. III, No. 38 Update ID

Bad news - Strike Commander isn't selling as well as expected. This issue of Point of Origin (May 7, 1993) advances several theories as to why... but lukewarm sales for a game that the company spent multiple years worth of development money on can't be good news. Another interesting point here is the first big news about 3DO - previous issues included speculation and rumors, but we hear for the first time now that both Chris Roberts and Richard Garriott have 3DO projects on the schedule.

A very special thanks to Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum for making this resource available and to Electronic Arts for sending them to him in the first place!

  • The Public Eye mentions an article by Ellen Guon: "Former-ORIGIN-employee-and-now-EA-writer Ellen Guon is featured in an article in Writing magazine. She talks about writing for computer games and we even manage to get a Wing 2 screen shot in there. You take 'em where you can get 'em."
  • The Employee of the Month is Ana Moreno, whose name should be familiar to fans of Wing Commander IV. Her story mentions our favorite game: "I knew about Wing Commander from my brothers and thought this might be a fascinating place to work. I was right."
  • Misc. details a Privateer-related move - which is kind of strange, since everyone always assosciates Erin Roberts with the game: "Erin Roberts is making a jump to the Shadowcaster team. He'll be the ORIGIN poitn of contact for the project, freeing up Scott Russo to devote full time and talents to the much-anticipated Privateer."
Point of Origin
Vol. III, No. 38 - May 7, 1993
Strike: In the Air
The Public Eye
From the Library
Game World
Pulse Check
Employee of the Month
3DO: Birth of a Notion
Immigration: The Huddled Masses
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