Point of Origin: Vol. II, No. 26 Update ID

Here's the first issue of Point of Origin since the EA takeover... and anyone interested in that aspect of ORIGIN history will find a treasure trove of information here. What did the purchase mean for the two companies' competing management styles? What did it mean for the employees caught in the middle?

A very special thanks to Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum for making this resource available and to Electronic Arts for sending them to him in the first place!

  • Road Shows has the news from Origin's salesman who are busy showing off new products to national distributors: "Privateer was the big winner with larger accounts such as Egghead and SoftKat... Insight might decide to bundle Wing 2 Deluxe with its CD-ROM, and that could mean 5,000 per month! ... Right now, Price Club's moving 250+ of the promotional Wing Commander release every week." Another show, for Sotware, Etc. managers, brought positive response for the screensaver: "Karl said they were all drooling, especially over ORIGIN FX."
  • Press Here has the regular selection of positive buzz from print sources. From Computer Gaming World: "In the readers' poll, Underworld's holding the #2 spot, following Civilization and nudging Wing 2 to #3. Wing 2 has its own place in the spotlight as a finalist for Action Game of the Year... In a sci-fi survey in the same issue, Evan Brooks says 'Wing Commander set new standards in graphics and gameplay. It's a 'must-have'.'... We've been informed that Underworld and Wing 2 make this years Games 100 List which will be published in the magazine's December issue." Gen 4's readers poll says that "Wing 2 holds firm at #3." Even regular computing magazines praised Wing Commander in those days: "Recognizing that multimedia doesn't necessarily mean CD-ROM, Paul Benson writes about Wing 2 in November's PC Home Journal: 'An absolutely beautiful musical score and dazzling graphic effects are the openers, then it proceeds to get evey better.'" The column also reports on an upcoming European journalism expo, where "They'll be checking out STrike, Privateer, Serpent Isle and ORIGIN FX." and finally that "Privateer will hit the cover of Strategy Plus in February. That issue will also feature designer notes from our own wordsmith, Anthony Nichols." That's one to look for!
Point of Origin
Vol. II, No. 26 - October 23, 1992
EA: What's Going On Here, Anyway?
Mark Your Calenders
Road Shows
Positive I.D.
New in the Library
Dear Point Man
Haunting Questions
Press Here

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