BREAKING NEWS: New Arena Interview Update ID

Game Informer has conducted an interview with Sean Penney, Producer of Wing Commander Arena. This article goes into depth about issues like fan response and the importance of staying true to the Wing Commander continuity. This all sounds pretty great...
GI: Storyline-wise, how is the game going to unfold for gamers?

Penney: We sort of ignore the Privateer stuff and we take off where the Nephilim have been pushed back. But before that the Kilrathi sort of had their asses handed to them by the Confederation. The situation that we see it as is the Kilrathi empire is in shambles, the Confederation has been drained by their battles with the Nephilim. So right now the confederation is concentrating on the rebuilding the core worlds. The frontier, or what was the frontier has been pretty much forgotten – or it’s a very distant frontier now. This is where we decided to place this because it gives us a lot of flexibility in the fact that we don’t have to deal with the core storyline because this is a very near and dear franchise to a lot of people. A little arcade title I don’t think warrants any major plot deviations from expected history. By putting it out in the frontier we’re giving ourselves the opportunity to really play with some of the classic ships, the classic human versus Kilrathi rivalry. But I almost see humans versus Kilrathi, you know, the last time we saw them versus the Nephilim they were allied, so we sort of see the relationship where they’re certainly not allies and there’s lots of conflict between them. But it’s not all out war any more.

GI: The levels that you’re battling in, are any of them inspired by the original game?

Penney: We’ve actually put all of the levels in places on the Wing Commander map. They’re definitely in systems that fans would be familiar with. The exact look and feel of some of the levels may not be specific to an area. It’s deep space, right? So we’ve put artifacts in the areas that people may recognize, like a Midway class carrier.

You can read the whole thing here.

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