WC3 Director Talks Past, Present & Future Update ID

Howard and Starman ran across a really neat interview with an old Origin vet. Frank Savage, the director of game mechanics for Wing Commander 3, talked with Channel 9 for a whopping 45 minutes about himself and cool job at Microsoft. The video begins with five minutes on Frank's exploits at Origin. Both he and the interviewer fondly reminisce about different games in the series and new ground that each title broke. His office is even decorated with Wing Commander memorabilia. Does that license plate look familiar? It also appeared in a 1994 interview with Savage on the WC3 Behind the Screens CD. That interview is available in CIC Holovids. The meat of today's piece is intended to be a discussion about the XNA suite that he is helping to develop today. The software should help provide a powerful platform for people to make their own games for the XBox 360 and more. I'm sure we'll hear more on that subject in the future. You can stream or download the entire 340 meg infoburst here. AD has also sliced out the Wing Commander bits in a shorter clip available here (43 meg wmv).

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