GamePro Reviews A Lost Wing Commander Game Update ID

Jonathan Stone sent in a review of one the very cool "lost" Wing Commander games that occasionally comes up in the lore. Wing Commander 2 for the Super Nintendo tops the list of ultra rare games that we'd love to get our hands on. Much like Prophecy DVD, it was fully developed back in the mid nineties but held up before release. It had nifty color comm vids and a streamlined "action" interface. The following scan is a full preview that GamePro conducted way back in May 1995.

Unlike previous Wing Commander games, lasers and shield recharge quickly so intermediate pilots should have no problem filling space with kitty litter. The nicely crafted controls also help pile up the feline fatalities. You can spin your ship 360 degrees on a dime.

Check out the full color Kilrathi on the VDU and the special turrent interface on the Broadsword.

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