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Florian Lau wrote in to let us know that the German Kilrathi Empire Online Rollenspiel Deutschland is in the process of relaunching. Previous members and new people alike will be welcome to play just as soon as the rules have been rewritten.
I'd like to report, that the Kilrathi Empire Online Rollenspiel Deutschland ( is being relaunched in mid-february after being sort of out of business for more than half a year. We used the time to restructure our RPG and to completely rewrite our rules, that finally set us apart from the german Wing Commander Rollenspiel, which we were originally spawned from.

We are, of course, still playing on the side of everyone's favorite cat-like alien species but our story now takes place in the year 2678, 9 years after the destruction of Kilrah. The empire is shattered and different fractions of the Kilrathi are fighting for supremacy. We are playing one of those fractions longing for power that seizes the moment as the Border World conflict is being stirred up again. After the assassination of Senator James Taggart who led the negotiations between the Confederation and the BWU the fleets of Space Marshall Geoffrey Tolwyn and Admiral William Eisen clash once again, leaving Kilrathi space unattended to and ripe for reclaiming by our glorious clan.

As you can see, there's been some modification to the timeline after 2672. The general storyline is partially inspired by 'False Colors'. Our recruitment centers are now open to the public.

Thra┬┤Khrom nar Skabakhas

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