Wing Commander Contest: Foundry Flair for Fans! Update ID

To celebrate the addition of Erin Roberts' team, Foundry 42, to the Cloud Imperium Games fold, Roberts Space Industries is running a contest for some amazing Wing Commander merchandise! The top prize is Chris Roberts' original leather crew jacket from the development of Wing Commander 3. There's also an incredible 3.5 foot long Heretic model made for Privateer 2. In addition a variety of other sci-fi merchandise, there's some film from the Wing Commander Movie and some additional P2 concept art. Some really incredible stuff! Head over and enter the contest here. You'll need to answer a trivia question that asks which actor spoke a particular line in one of the Wing Commander series' interactive movies. The correct answer shouldn't be too tough for dedicated Wingnuts. And do it NOW - the contest ends very, very soon!
The team at Foundry 42 is moving in to their new home, and they’ve found some cool prizes to give away in the process! Erin Roberts and his team have been working together on space sims since the early days of Wing Commander, and in the process they’ve acquired some cool collectibles.

First Prize: One of only two Wing Commander 3 Leather Flight Jackets belonging to Chris Roberts, made for the development team 18 years ago. Chris left it at his brother’s house 15-odd years ago and it has been there ever since. Now you have a chance to own it!

Third Prize: The “Heretic,” a 3 1/2 ft physical model of one of the ships in Privateer 2. Nicknamed “Luftwaffe Pants” by the dev team. Was built 18 years ago and has been in Phil Meller’s loft for the last 10 years. A giant limited P2 Poster used for advertising in the UK. A smaller advertising card and a signed copy of P2 by Erin, Nick and Phil.

Fifth Prize: Three Star Wars Models, A signed copy of P2 by Erin, Nick and Phil. A signed copy of Starlancer by Erin Roberts, Nick Elms, Phil Meller, Derek Senior and Paul Jones. A rare Japanese Starlancer Poster and a number of original box art concepts for Privateer 2 as well as some original spacecraft concepts. All been with different members of the team for years.

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