Wing Commander "Defiant Few" Prepares to Launch Update ID

Plywood Fiend has kicked off his new Wing Commander audio project! Defiant Few follows the Confederation response to a surprise attack in the Gemini Sector. Plywood's last project, From the Jaws of Defeat, turned out surprisingly well, and Wingnuts have been lining up to participate in the next story. If you'd like to volunteer as a voice actor for the new adventure, recordable audition lines are available here. Submissions are due January 21! You can learn more and help provide feedback at the CIC Forums.
Hello all, and Happy New Year. A lot of you are aware of the audio production ‘From the Jaws of Defeat’ which me and some fellow Wingnuts recently made. I’d now like to announce my next and considerably more ambitious project: Wing Commander: Defiant Few – An Episodic Audio Series, and say that I am now accepting auditions from anyone who’s interested in doing some voice acting.

Premise: The series covers a devastating Nephilim attack on the Gemini Sector and the attempts of Admiral Sandra Goodin and her piecemeal fleet to safeguard the civilian population and fight back against the ever growing Nephilim armada.

There are five major roles and seven minor roles to audition for. I’m going to be casting new characters as needed with each new episode, just to keep people whose characters don’t appear until episode 4, for example, from having to wait months for me to get to that point.

Check out the mission below for an idea of what to expect!

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