Excellent Banshee Fan Art Sets Waypoint for Wild Blue Yonder Update ID

We recently mentioned that there was some cool stuff over at DeviantArt, but that was an understatement! Overseer has put together this fantastic wallpaper image of a Banshee squadron moving in tight formation towards an asteroid belt. The scene appears to be lit by an Scylla-style anomaly in space. Gorgeous! Let Overseer know what you think here!
I loved the games (played them all) and the movie was awesome in my books as well. So this was kind of overdue.

There is not really a story to this; just a Banshee fighter wing on patrol and approaching a gravity well (or maybe a jump point into the unknown...).

  • Background: Textured environment (starfield), plus digital painting. My work. Thank you Google Earth for the planet/moon textures.
  • Meshes: Banshee fighter by Alan Hart.
  • Composition: Scene and lighting setup in LW, final composition in PS, including all FX.
  • Original size: 4750x2250, cropped, including frame with a record breaking (for me) 157 layers and a 1.9GB PSD file!

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