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UnnamedCharacter has made great strides with his WC Toolbox application, and he's learned a ton about Wing Commander 1 in the process. Now he's started a thread to collect all of this useful knowledge. The first topic is an extensive command line summary. Most people know about the cheats that are enabled by starting the game with "WC Origin" but there are actually quite a few different triggers that can be enabled. You can jump to missions and even play cutscenes! Read about how below:
With all the work for the WCToolbox, I have observed and learned quite a few things about the inner workings of Wing Commander. I thought I would do a series of post highlighting this information. I suspect some of this information will be old news to WC veterans; and some will have no practical application as they are just curiosities.

Command Line

Let’s begin with starting the game itself: executing WC.EXE.

There are many posts online detailing the command line options and cheat codes available, but I don’t think I have ever seen a post highlighting some of the following options:

  • e|t|v selects the video mode: EGA | TGA | VGA; the appropriate files must be installed (you can have all *.EGA, *.TGA, and *.VGA files in the same GAMEDAT directory since they have unique names)​
  • a#|p|r selects the audio mode: AdLib | PC Speaker | Roland (for AdLib look into your CFG file for the number)​
For example:

"WC e p" - starts the game in the EGA video mode and using the PC Speaker for audio
"WC v a904" - starts the game in the VGA video mode and using AdLib for audio​

The following options are probably familiar to most and only activated if the Origin switch is specified:

  • s# select specific series (e.g. s8)
  • m# select specific mission (e.g. m0)
  • as# select specific action sphere (e.g. as1)
  • w# preview cinematic scenes (e.g. w3), scene numbers range from 1 to 22 (to 25 with SM1 installed). Mission specific scenes require that s# m# also be specified
  • l launch single mission, no copy-protection question
  • -k unlimited shields​
For example:

"WC Origin s1 m1 as1 l" - launches series 1, mission 1 (S01M1) from sphere 1 (Nav 1)
"WC Origin s2 m0 w8" - views series 2, mission 0 (S02M0) from the bar​

Note: From the command line, series starts at 1 (S1) instead of 0, skipping the training simulator series.

Cinematic Scenes

These are the cinematic scenes which can be previewed from the command line:

  • w0 cockpit death
  • w1 takeoff
  • w2 briefing
  • w3 running sequence
  • w4 cockpit canopy closing
  • w5 landing, no ship
  • w6 cockpit canopy opening, with full damage
  • w7 intro
  • w8 bar
  • w9 [none]
  • w10 debriefing, colonel angry
  • w11 funeral, our hero
  • w12 hangar deck, bronze star
  • w13 barracks
  • w14 cockpit canopy opening, no damage
  • w15 office
  • w16 closing animation, success
  • w17 closing animation, failure
  • w18 midgame.v00, both success and failure
  • w19 midgame.v01, both success and failure
  • w20 midgame.v02, both success and failure
  • w21 midgame.v03, both success and failure
  • w22 funeral, all wingmen
  • w23 midgame.v04, failure only (if SM1 installed)
  • w24 midgame.v05, both success and failure (if SM1 installed)
  • w25 midgame.v06, success only (using SM2)​

Recent Updates

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Spacedock has profiled another Wing Commander vessel! The BWS Intrepid is the star this episode of "Sci-Fi Ships You've Never Heard Of." Daniel, the author, has a huge soft spot for the WC series, and he's especially fond of this one. (2018-09-18)

Sienta la Ciencia y la Ficción

Christian Klein marches ever closer to having a complete set of Wing Commander games translated for Spain. This looks like a pretty thorough job with everything from the box to disc to manuals in Spanish, although no in-game audio has been revamped. The front doesn't have the big Midway flap that opens, but the static front and rearranged rear screenshot collage make it its own unique collectible! (2018-09-17)

Homeworld Mod Locks & Loads

The Homeworld Remastered Mod has gotten another update to more fully implement the fuel & ammunition mechanics that L.I.F. (2018-09-16)

The Edge of The Darkening

We've unearthed a fascinating piece of pre-history: a detailed preview of Privateer 2: The Darkening from the August 1996 issue of Edge magazine... written when the game was still just called 'The Darkening!' The article includes a beautiful two-page gallery of artwork, plenty of pre-release screenshots and a surprising amount of technical detail about the game's development team. (2018-09-15)

Sticker Shock: Cross Promotion

eBay find: as part of the marketing for the Wing Commander movie in 1999, they sent out little promo stickers retailers could add to their existing stock of Wing Commander games... so you know this copy of Prophecy was still on the shelves about 18 months after release! (2018-09-14)

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