Space Game Junkie Takes On Privateer Update ID

The super cool blog/community hub Space Game Junkie covers all things space sims, but has not actually livestreamed a Wing Commander game before. Admin Brian Rubin set out to fix this oversight by making Privateer his game of week, and he's been exploring the Gemini Sector just about every day since. In each of his nightly 40-minute episodes, you can follow along as his upgrades his ship, takes down pirates, joins the Mercenaries Guild and ventures beyond the Troy System. All in all, it's proving to be a challenging experience! Although it can be time consuming (but fun!), making sure to carefully level up those engines, shields and guns will pay huge dividends in the end. Here's the first couple episodes to get started:
Welcome to Wing Commander: Privateer my friends! This amazing game from 1993 is one of my all-time favorites, and still one of the best open space trading and combat games ever made. In this first entry, I take on a couple of missions, the first I fail, the second I succeed. I also kill some militia guys, accidentally of course, which as of yet don't seem to have any consequences. Onward!

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