TomVlog34 Travels East To West & Beyond Update ID

Tom Wilson has posted a couple new chapters in his ongoing YouTube vlog series. The first clip starts out with some insight into his daily life. He briefly conducts an interview for a documentary on his time acting in Freaks & Geeks, and he touches on a subject that would be familiar to fans of his Wing Commander work: while he loved his time working on the series, he's nowhere as well versed in the subject material as the actual fans. Then, among other things, he shares a look behind the scenes of the Salt Lake Comic Con. A full recording of his Q&A with Christopher Lloyd is separately available here. I've seen more than a few lifestyle videos like this over the years, and I have to say that Tom's are more clever than your typical fare. He's also put together a second video on the making of one of his iconic pop art pieces, the Mad Dog. Check them both out below!

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